Tea Cart Makeover- One Day DIY Project

Teacart for a Party!This lovely and functional accent piece was a simple one day makeover.  

I found the cart in my new backyard left behind by the previous owners.  It was abandoned in a corner along with some other wrought iron furniture. 

Since it had no shelves, and a broken wheel it wasn’t very practical without a lot of work. 

Read more for how it was easily brought back to life with just $30 and a few hours worth of work.

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SINGLE BEST TRICK to improve your Child’s Language

Toddler Language Skills

Parents worry about their children, because it’s their job!  Many parents worry most, about their toddler’s language development. 

If your child is not in school yet, you may be unsure how they compare to other children their age.  How can you be sure they are hitting their milestones? 

The good news is you don’t need parenting classes or textbooks to study up on language development.  

This one trick will make a difference in your toddler’s language.  I guarantee you will notice a difference, quite rapidly.

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4 Easiest Exercises to Do Anywhere!

Easy Exercise to do AnywhereThe easier the exercise, the happier I am, and the more likely I am to stick with it!  I also prefer exercise that doesn’t require a gym, special equipment or particular clothing. 

Easy exercise at any age, is good.  Remaining active, fit and healthy over age 50, is my personal goal. 

I am always on a mission to make exercise a part of every day and hopefully, several times each day.  Read more for easy ways to increase your activity level at any age.

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Create Income Streams: Use what you know

Tips to Create Income Streams

You can truly create your own business by using the experience and talents that you already have. 

I’m sharing three stories of women I know who have created their own successful side businesses.  They started out small, one step at a time. 

Patience and persistence paid off and each of these women have created profitable side jobs with impressive income streams.

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10 Reasons to Try ibotta Today

Try ibotta to Start Earning Cash!

If I have a coupon, I use it but who has time to search for them?  As a working mom, I don’t have time to scour newspapers, circulars, magazines or websites for coupons. 

When a friend sent me an invite to join her ibotta team with the $10 welcome bonus, I decided it was worth a look.

I have been using ibotta for the last few months and I have already earned hundreds of dollars in rebates.  I don’t just save money, I get cash transferred into my PayPal account!  Essentially, Ibotta pays me for the shopping I already do!

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Be a List Maker – Organize Your Brain!

Stay more organized with Super Lists

Making lists and writing things down is one of the first steps to being highly organized. 

Planning ahead and being methodical, can help you to be more productive.  Being able to check items off your list, gives you that positive feeling of accomplishment. 

Constantly having too much to do, has motivated me to upgrade my list making strategy. 

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30 Practical Lessons for Teens Before they Leave Home

Tips for Raising Smart TeensIs your teen ready to leave home?  Whether your kids are leaving home for college or moving out, some smart preparation can help them be better equipped. 

When our children go out in the world to “seek their fortunes”, we want them to be well prepared.   Parents want their children to be more organized for life than they were themselves.  

To help accomplish this goal, stop doing too much for your kids!  Encourage them to learn how to take care of themselves, at least a little.   Below is a list of 30 useful lessons for your kids to help them be better prepared for adult living!

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6 Smart Steps to Tackle your Debt

6 Steps to Reduce Debt

Step One:  Know your Budget 

Analyze all your money: income, savings and money owed.  Look closely at recurring payments, one time bills, repeating quarterly payments etc.

Remember to calculate your cost of living expenses for the month.  How much do you really spend, rather than what you think you spend. 

Find out the total amount of money you owe. 

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7 Key Ingredients for Perfect Pinterest Pins

How to Make Great Pinterest PinsPerfect Pinterest Pins Should: 

  • Look Great

  • Have a Catchy Title

  • Describe something you want to read or learn more about. 

Pinterest Pins need to grab the reader’s attention within the first few seconds. 

If you want your pins to get clicked, and your blog or site to get visitors, you need to do several things to make great pins.  

Read more for 7 steps needed to make the Perfect Pinterest Pin!

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