Five Step Weight Loss Plan

 Try this 5 Step Weight Loss Plan for Healthier Living!

Are you having trouble losing weight? 

Have you made changes, but they don’t seem to be making a difference?

Read more to try this easy to follow five step weight loss plan. 

If you are ready to make some adjustments, this plan will work for you! 

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4 Reasons you need an Emergency Fund and 3 Kinds to Have

3 Types of Emergency Funds and Why you need them!Do you have an Emergency Fund yet? 

If your answer is No or Not Really, you are in the same position as almost half of Americans. 

No one plans to need an Emergency Fund, but it’s important to have one.  If you plan ahead, you can avoid serious financial problems by having some money set aside for the unexpected events in life.   

Read more to learn about 3 types of funds and why you need them.


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6 Ways to Earn Extra CASH

6 Ways to Earn Extra CashWould you like to earn more money? 

Need some extra cash in your pocket? 

Earning extra money is very motivating to most people.  Having enough hours in the day to make it happen is the tricky part.  Finding side jobs to supplement your income is a great way to earn some extra money. 

Read more for six ways to create some cash income streams.

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Ready for Kindergarten?  Fine Motor skills your child will need

Is your Child ready for school?What are fine motor skills and why are they so important as your child begins their school career?  How does your child measure up?

The ability to color, draw and eventually write is one of the most important skills your child will focus on in kindergarten.  And yet, many children enter their formal schooling far behind their peers in this area.  Motor skills are often over-looked by parents because the major focus is on learning letters and reading.  Read more to find out how to help your child be well prepared to begin their school career.

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Most Organized Calendar Ever

Using a Digital Calendar can save you time.Would you like to be more organized and remember more?  

Do you have trouble keeping track of appointments and places to be?

Use a digital calendar to help you to be more Productive and save you time.  If you maximize the features of the built in apps on your phone, you will become more efficient and have more time for other interests.  

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