10 Steps to Smarter Banking

How to Bank Smarter and save Time!Would you like to save time and be more productive simply by Banking Smarter?

Having instant access to people and information is a standard part of today’s cyber lifestyle.  

So, why not have instant access to your money and banking as well?   

The more I take advantage of online banking features (often via Smartphone, or tablet) the more time and trouble I save.    I Simply Get More accomplished each day!

Read more to find out how to make Online Banking work for you!

It is rarely necessary for me to personally visit or even call my bank.  I have always been a computer user/geek; so online banking was a certainty for me.  With improved security measures and upgrades in recent years, online banking has become safer and more reliable.

Below, I have outlined ten distinct advantages to banking online and there are many more.  The longer I use the online features, I’m learning how to bank smarter as time passes.   Although some people say they do their banking online, by viewing their accounts, they are not always taking full advantage of all services available.

Advantages to using online banking:

1.  Setting up repeating payments is easy, do it once and forget about it. 

Any repeating payment information is easily entered once and scheduled on a monthly basis.  This is perfect for regular monthly payments like house, mortgage or student loan payments.  Your payment will always be sent on time, when you scheduled it, no worries!

2.  Account transfers take mere moments. 

This has been a huge benefit for me.  I often transfer funds between checking and savings but also from my accounts to my children’s savings accounts.  I can arrange multiple transfers simply in a few minutes.  I also set up repeating transfers to my savings every two weeks on paydays.  This way my saving grows an impressive balance but I never miss the money since it is moved on paydays.

3.  Way less check writing, you will rarely need to pay to reorder checks. 

You will save time writing checks, stuffing envelopes, adding postage and mailing bills.  You may start out slowly but your confidence will grown and you will begin to pay everything online.

4.  No more driving to the bank to make deposits.

Smartphone deposit systems are convenient and reliable.  Why waste time and gas driving to the bank to deposit a small check?  Grab your phone, take a photo of the check, and press the submit button.  You will receive confirmation that your deposit has been received and cleared.

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5.  Instant alert systems, give you up to the minute account information. 

You know when a deposit has cleared, a large check has been cashed or when your account balance falls below the minimum (that you have set).  These emails or texts have saved me from falling below my minimum balance many times.  This is a great feature when a store makes a mistake in your transaction.  While I’m still standing at the register, I can see the incorrect charge, the credit, and then the correct charge within minutes.

6.  If your payment is late, it is much easier to remedy!

Many institutions have one day or same day payments for quick credit.  At times, an odd bill gets lost in the shuffle and you miss the due date.  You won’t need to drive to the post office to get your check mailed on time.  I have been a day late, made on online payment and then called the company to tell them.  They have very kindly waived the hefty late fee.

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7.  Fund transfers from other banking or investment institutions can be arranged easily.

EFT (electronic fund transfers) transfers from outside banks or mutual funds are also easily prepared online any time of day.  You see when the transfer is processed at the first bank and then when the funds are received at the second bank.  It is very pleasant to see your IRS refund deposited directly into your checking account.  In the past, I had to call my mutual fund (during banking hours only) to make transfer arrangements which was both inconvenient and time consuming.

8.  You can easily set up personal payments to people.

If you owe someone money or need to send a friend colleague money this is done easily with a quick payment or a bank payment check mailed easily.  Some banks have easy personal pay systems that uses just an email address to begin a payment notification.

9.  There is a lot less need to balance your checking account.

I’ll be honest here, I have balanced my account exactly TWICE in my life.  I did not have time for that years ago when I was young and single.  Now married, with four kids and working full time- no time to waste balancing my bank account!  When I use my debit card at the grocery store before I even finish loading the food in the car, the debit is showing in my account.  That is enough balance for me!save time, save money, technology

10.  Very little need to buy stamps to pay bills!  

Now, when I buy a book of Forever stamps, they actually last me forever!

Don’t delay, get online banking today!  I am not being paid to write this post for a bank.  It is the teacher side of me that likes to make computer learning easier for those who are hesitant or lacking confidence.  Since I have the reputation as a techie, colleagues and friends often ask me for help and problem solving when it comes to computers, cell phones, printers and more.  

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  2. This is very informative blog. But today’s cyber security is a big challenge for banks. There are certain safe banking practices that when followed can help prevent your information from falling into the wrong hands.

  3. Really informative. Despite all the huge surge in internet business a big percentage of worldwide population seems to be unaware of the online banking and its comfort especially in a developing country like mine.

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