10 Benefits to Morning Exercise

Start the day with exercise

Starting your day out with exercise has many benefits for your body, mind and longterm health.

Exercise is a great way to start your day positively energized.  

You can have an improved mood and be smiling all day because you know you started your day right with exercise.  

will have more energy to get you through your busy days.

When you do exercise, your metabolism is increased for the day and you will burn more calories as a result.  

Your body gets a lasting benefit all day long as a result of your early morning workout.

Exercise is a terrific stress reducer, which is certainly beneficial to anyone. 

Working out in the morning can help improve your focus at work and better enable you to deal with challenging situations.  You may feel calmer and more patient when dealing with difficult situations or coworkers.

It is not completely necessary to be fully awake to begin your exercise routine!   

As you begin to stretch and move you can wake up slowly.  You can increase your repetitions and difficulty level as you begin to limber up and wake up.  Once you start moving and warm up, you often feel like doing more exercise.

You are less likely to get distracted and sidetracked if you exercise first thing in the morning.

Often unplanned events during the day can interfere with your plans and cause you to miss your workout time.  If the first order of business each day is your workout routine, you are more likely to stick to it and check it off your to do list.

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When you work out early, at home, there is no need to wait for the gym to open. 

This also means you wont need to dress for the gym or mentally prepare to see other people and be polite when you are barely awake.  This makes the total time needed to exercise much less since dressing and driving to the gym are not necessary.

Working out at home often requires less gym equipment and workout clothing. 

You can easily complete No Equipment workouts or use simple weights and a mat.  There are cost saving as well since you wont need to pay for a gym membership and workout clothing

In the early morning, the house is quiet.  

No one is asking you questions or watching you exercise.  You have the freedom to do what you want and sing if inspired, with your headphones on.  It is important to have some alone time each day.  You often have more patience and tolerance for your family and coworkers if you started you day out on a good note.Start with a Workout

If you workout in the morning, even just briefly, you can add that accomplishment to your list for the day. 

Then you have the remainder of your day to fit in additional, bonus workouts!  You may fit in a walk, run or swim later in the day.  Add some weights or floor exercise and you now doubled your workout for the day.

You may often decide to make some healthier food choices for the rest of the day as a result of your workout. 

Knowing that you started your day on a healthy note can often inspire you to eat a healthier breakfast and/or lunch that day.  Repeat that exercise several times a week and you may start a new healthier eating regimen. 

What Works for Me

I have been fairly consistent and successful with my morning exercise routine for the past five years.  I happen to sleep in yoga pants so I therefore wakeup wearing my work out clothes, huge time saver.  I roll out of bed, drink some water to rehydrate, have a bit of coffee, add some headphones and start my planks while still being barely awake.  

My den has a couch with a perfect armrest for doing planks, pushups and dips so this is my main equipment.  After a minute of stretching, I wake up slowly with planks and add on one or more sets of pushups and dips (about 6 minutes).  By now I am mostly awake and depending on my time constraints that day, I move onto kettle bells, squats or plyometric exercises if it’s a really good morning.  Much of my information and inspiration comes from 8 Minutes in the Morning by Jorge Cruise, more about that in a future post.

What I do know, is that I have passed the half way mark, I am now over 50.  Everyday that I get up early and workout, I consider that a big win.  I am not an athlete but I can still ski, boogie board, paddleboard and zip line with my kids, which is not bad in my book.

What exercise are you doing?  Let readers know what is working for you!

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