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If I have a coupon, I use it but who has time to search for them?  As a working mom, I don’t have time to scour newspapers, circulars, magazines or websites for coupons. 

When a friend sent me an invite to join her ibotta team with the $10 welcome bonus, I decided it was worth a look.

I have been using ibotta for the last few months and I have already earned hundreds of dollars in rebates.  I don’t just save money, I get cash transferred into my PayPal account!  Essentially, Ibotta pays me for the shopping I already do!

Ten Great Features of Ibotta

ibotta Cash Rebate AppIbotta pays you to shop!  As a working mom with a family of six, I shop near constantly. I am getting rebates for the same milk, bread, pasta, eggs, cereal, bananas, batteries, juice and even toilet paper that I already buy, plus so much more!  Ibotta puts money in my account simply for scanning barcodes and sending in my receipts.

My favorite retailers participate in ibotta already.  Before using this app, I was already shopping at Stop & Shop, Target, Jet, Gap, Bed Bath & Beyond, CVS, L’Occitane, Home Depot, Best Buy and more.  I do the same shopping as before, but now, I get money back from Ibotta.  What’s not to like about that?

Ibotta is on your phone, so it is easy to use.  You don’t need to carry around coupons (unless you are coupon stacking) to save with ibotta.  If you are not sure if you have the correct item for the rebate, you can check the barcode with your phone before purchasing.  I scan all my products in the store as I find them so I don’t need to do it at home.  I take the photo of my receipt as soon as I get in the car and earn my rebate cash before I drive back home.

Yes, you can stack coupons!!  You can buy an item on sale, use a coupon and STILL earn the ibotta rebate for the item!  This has worked out quite well for me.  Several purchases came out to cost just pennies and once a sale item was actually free after the rebate!  At Target, you can use the cartwheel app along with ibotta and save in two ways!

Retailers Using ibotta

I can try new foods & products at a discount.  I have all my standard favorites but I do like trying some new products now and then.  Using ibotta has inspired me to try several newer products and even some old ones that I just wasn’t noticing on the shelf.  See my list below for some of my favorite new products that I found simply by using the ibotta app on my phone.

Loyalty cards can be entered into the app.  MY Plenti card and Kmart – Shop Your Way cards are linked to my app.  This makes my purchases easily linked.  At Walmart you just scan the QR code on the receipt and you get credit for your rebates.

You have up to a week to scan a receipt!  If you forgot to scan your receipt, no problem, ibotta gives you time to catch up.  When a new item comes up on ibotta, you can unlock the rebate and scan a receipt for that item and still get credit up to a week later!  If I don’t know if a store I already shopped at participates with ibotta, I can look it up later in the week.

There are so many Bonuses to earn!  My first few bonuses were credited before I even realized what they were.  The bonuses to earn range from $1-$5 that I have seen.  New bonuses pop up each week and month.  One favorite bonus is the Weekend Warrior which is an extra $2.  Since I do most of my shopping on the weekend, I earn it easily.  After scanning my receipt, I get my rebates plus a bonus so it is a nice surprise!

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Cash Rebates for Shopping!

Find New Online Retailers!  I did not know about Boxed, Spring or Thrive before using the ibotta app.  I have used both Boxed and Spring and earned great rebates for doing so.  My first Boxed order came with free shipping and a discount code saving me even more.  Boxed is buying in bulk without leaving the house, this is a heavenly option to me.  I bought all my paper goods, school snacks (for 4) and some household and toiletry items on Wednesday evening.  On Friday afternoon, I pulled in the driveway to find it all waiting for me!!  My first Boxed order came with two free gifts, free shipping and $30 off of my order over $200.  They also have discounts for orders over $100 and $150.  Boxed is most certainly a new favorite, especially when the weather gets colder and I don’t want to leave the house!

Ibotta makes shopping a little more interesting and fun.  Earning bonuses for buying a new product or two is entertaining and lucrative at the same time. The health food section was not always my first stop at the grocery store but now I visit often.  I found some healthier alternatives that I would never have noticed before using ibotta.  Earning cash back for shopping I already do is a no brainer!  Finding new retailers and new products makes my shopping less monotonous.  Comparing shopping notes with my teammates is fun.  We update each other when we find great new deals.

A Few Favorite New Products Thanks to ibotta!

I have many favorite products but this list would get too long!   I have included some of the Amazon links below so that you can see the great products I have tried.  You can buy them from Amazon or better yet, join ibotta and start earning your own rebate cash now!   

Start your own team or join mine to earn bonuses faster.  Get $10 just for signing up and making your first purchase.   Teamwork helps you earn bonuses even faster.   Join My ibotta Team by clicking Here


Ripple Milk  

This non dairy milk has 50% more Calcium than regular milk, 8 grams of Protein per serving and is rich in Omega 3s.  The Vanilla flavor is my absolute favorite. I also tried the Chocolate which I personally found a bit too sweet for my tastes.  Mixing the Unsweetened flavor with the Chocolate was a perfect solution, it tastes delicious.  I wasn’t drinking as much milk as I should be, now I am getting plenty of calcium and protein.  At present, Ripple is not available on Amazon but you can find it at many participating ibotta retailers including Target and Stop & Shop.

Sargento Sweet Balanced Breaks

These easy Sargento snack bowls make a perfect work snack!  Cheese, nuts and dried cranberries make a tasty, low calorie snack.  They are just the right size and have 5 grams of protein and just 180 calories.  I bring a 3 pack to work at the beginning of the week and grab those to eat instead of cookies!  These Sargento Balanced Breaks come in 7 different varieties so there are plenty to choose!Bonus Cash from ibotta

Simply 7 Quinoa Chips

These Simply 7 chips are delicious and healthier with less fat than other chips!  In general, I try to avoid chips and munchy foods but every once in a while I just need a snack!  There are several great flavors including Cheddar, Sea Salt, Salt & Vinegar.  Simply 7 also has Hummus, Kale and Lentil chips.  The Dill Pickle Kale Chips are fabulous!

Kombucha & Probiotic Drinks

I heard about kombucha drinks tried two brands and liked them.  The health benefits of kombucha and Probiotics are many including improved digestion, added probiotics, detox benefits, increased energy and more.  My main reason for not buying kombucha drinks more frequently was the price.  Now with ibotta, I can get a rebate every time I buy, on several different brands!

The ibotta app was just updated and redesigned making it even easier to use than before. 

Click the link below to try ibotta and earn your first bonus!   Use my referral code, xdvsqrg, and you can get a $10 welcome bonus.       Sign up for ibotta here:  https://ibotta.com/r/xdvsqrg


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  1. Great money saving tips! We are a family of 5 and do lots of shopping and saving is always a goal. Glad to hear that Walmart on line is a participant because that’s where we order all of our paper goods from and also cat food and litter! Thanks!

    1. Great to hear, I love my ibotta app. They keep adding new deals and stores so there is always something new for me.
      Since I do lots of shopping, I love when I can save more money on items I am already buying.
      Lately at Target, I’m getting the Target deals + ibotta savings in addition.

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