Create Income Streams: Use what you know

Tips to Create Income Streams

You can truly create your own business by using the experience and talents that you already have. 

I’m sharing three stories of women I know who have created their own successful side businesses.  They started out small, one step at a time. 

Patience and persistence paid off and each of these women have created profitable side jobs with impressive income streams.

Annie: Childcare & Healthcare Provider

This is the story of Annie a retired LPN and mom in her mid 50’s.  She took a leave of absence from her full time work at a senior care facility.  Annie loved her patients but the staff and working conditions at her job were quite unpleasant much of the time.  She was stressed and miserable and finally left the job.  Annie took time off so that she could focus on her new marriage, grown children and her personal health & fitness.  When she was rested and rejuvenated she was ready to look for a new job.

Before leaving her full time job, Annie had taken a few side gigs to increase her cash flow.  These were two part-time jobs doing private care for senior patients.  When she took her leave, Annie kept those side jobs going.  Annie spent 20 to 30 hours each week working privately with Alzheimer’s patients and providing senior care. 

As time passed, Annie found a few more side gigs to fill her time and increase her income.  She also got some referrals from former and current clients.  Aside from senior care, she took on a few childcare jobs.  Some of her jobs were as simple as watching children for one hour each morning before they got on the school bus.  Annie had been using her life experience as a mother, restaurant manager and LPN to work these part time jobs.

Annie’s original intention had been to find another full time job after taking some time off.  As it turned out, her schedule was filling up and she was now working enough part time hours that she no longer needed a full time job. 

Annie needed to have a very flexible schedule so that she could be available for her clients.  The more that you make yourself available for clients, the more opportunities will present themselves.

Annie found many jobs through referrals and word of mouth.  In addition, she created a profile on and for two years has been getting regular inquiries and requests for both short term and more permanent help for both senior care and childcare positions.

How much can you make for senior care and childcare positions?

Annie’s senior care positions pay $20 to $25 per hour.

Her childcare jobs also pay $20 to $25 per hour.

She charges extra for holidays, Saturday nights and overnights.

Marissa: Reading Teacher & TPT Resource Creator

Marissa is a reading teacher with 3 young children at home.  Although she landed a good reading job, it was not full-time or permanent.  Each year, since she had no seniority, she lost her position and needed to hunt for a job all over again.  She decided to start posting some of her own reading lessons and resources on Teachers Pay Teachers to create some side income.

This product creation was a slow process at first but eventually, her TPT store and income from sales grew.  This helped Marissa to make a little side money to supplement her sometimes unreliable teaching income.  The longer she kept teaching, the more lessons she was creating.

Since she was creating the lessons for her own use anyway, why not make them all available to other teachers using TPT?  Over time, Marissa has created many lessons and gained more experience for what would sell best.  Now years later, she has a full time reading teacher position and has a nice side income from her TPT site.Create an Income Stream

How much can you make on TPT? 

TPT product prices range from $1 to $20 or more, most downloads average about $5-$10.  This may not sound like much, but once you have created a lesson for sale, it turns into a passive income stream.

Marissa started out small making $20 to $150 a month.

Now after 4 Years she has 180 products for sale and averages $400 to $700 each month.  Her sales increase along with her products offered.  Many TPT Sellers earn even more.

You can visit Marissa’s TPT site Read All About It 

Karen: Party Staffing & Event Planning

Karen has created her own referral business for party staffing.  During her college years, she worked at restaurants to help pay tuition and expenses.   During this time, she was gaining waitressing, bartending and event management experience.

Years later, after her children were grown and in school full time, she worked a few private parties for a local staffing agency.  After working several successful parties, where she had fun and made money at the same time, she wanted more.   Karen and her sisters decided to create their own staffing business and work parties together.  Why work for someone else if you can start your own business?

The sisters started out small with some local advertising and some word of mouth.  A few parties were booked and went well, so they decided to keep it up.  Next, they printed business cards to hand out at parties.  When bigger parties came along with more staff needed, she asked more friends and family to help.  Over time, the client list grew and many clients booked additional parties.  One of the best advertisements was from referrals from their clients. 

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Karen and her staff became well know for their reliability and professionalism.  They now work with two caterers, a chef and an event planner.  Often they are booked months ahead by their repeat clients.

What began as a summer job turned into a successful business.  Karen now has over a dozen people working on busy weekends and has continued to grow the business for 8 years.

How much can you make working parties?

Party staffing can pay an hourly rate from $20 – $35/hour with a four-hour minimum. 

Holiday rates are higher at $40 to $50/ hour.

Most clients also add a gratuity in addition to the hourly pay. 

BBQ Grillers are very popular in season and get $35 – $45/hour.  Who wants to stand in front of a hot grill?

More Entrepreneurs

Clara has her own holistic healing business.  She began small with just one client and grew over time.  She now has a full time schedule and can work from her home office.

Hannah’s Pet Care Business began with caring for friends and neighbor’s dogs when they were on vacation.  Over the years, it has turned into a small business including vacation care for pets, dog walking, house sitting and more.

Bruce and Mark both learned how to do home inspections as a side income to supplement their full time jobs.  Now they are both retired but continue with their home inspection businesses.

What do all these entrepreneurs have in common?

Persistence, problem solving skills, and a willingness to take a risk.

These ladies were never guaranteed success; none of them started out making a consistent income from the start. 

They took chances, and stuck with their plan when things got tough. 

They went back to the drawing board when things fell apart and tweaked the plan to work better.

Go ahead, take a risk.  What’s stopping you from starting a side business?

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  1. Interesting reading and great ideas. I have recently retired from my full time position and am planning on finding some part time work but hadn’t thought of considering sticking to things that I am good at and comfortable with such as child and senior care. Thanks for a push in the right direction!

  2. Thanks to your article I have signed up on as a pet sitter and have my first job this weekend!
    I have also had several inquiries and want to thank you for the information and motivation I needed!

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