6 Ways to Earn Extra CASH

6 Ways to Earn Extra CashWould you like to earn more money? 

Need some extra cash in your pocket? 

Earning extra money is very motivating to most people.  Having enough hours in the day to make it happen is the tricky part.  Finding side jobs to supplement your income is a great way to earn some extra money. 

Read more for six ways to create some cash income streams.

1-  Sell Your Extra Stuff  

Look around your house, are there items you don’t need anymore?  If you have enough for a yard sale, plan one!  The benefits to selling your stuff are many: you clean up your house, create more space and make cash.  My best yard sale put over an extra $1300 in my pocket!

A yard sale is a quick way to sell lots of your extra belongings at once.  You may not get big money for individual items, but you get rid of a lot of stuff.  It’s fun and beneficial to team up with friends or neighbors to have a sale together.  See my post about Yard Sale Negotiating for tips on how to make more money.

If you don’t have enough items for a yard sale, selling online with Craigslist, eBay or something similar is another good way to sell your old stuff for cash.  Compared to the preparation for a yard sale, selling online is fairly passive.  I have listed items on Craigslist and then completely forgotten about them.  Then I’m contacted via email by someone interested in an item I have listed.6 Ways to earn extra cash!

When you put ads online, including several good photos is important to get your items to sell quickly.  I have sold items on CL for $30 up to $350 over the years.  See my post about Selling on Craigslist for more tips on making money.

There are multiple online sites where you can sell your used books, music CDs, videos, games and more.  You can sell your whole collection or just specific selections. Or you can become your own re-seller and sell your books or music on CL or eBay directly.

There are sites like Decluttr.com and many others that will buy your used CDs, Videos, Games and more.  Bookscouter.com is a site to look up used book prices.  This site will give you the purchase prices from the top book purchasing sites.  If you have any books that are still pertinent and in good shape, they may be worth researching and selling.

Consignment shops are yet another way to sell your old items.  If you have old dresses and clothing worth a fair amount, there are some shops that will sell your clothing for you and give you a commission.  You can search in your local area for consignment shops.

Suddenly Frugal has an excellent post on consigning clothes, I learned several new tricks from reading it!

I always like to read reviews for anything I do online or otherwise.  Just do a search for Reviews + whatever you are looking up to see if most of the reviews are positive.  The reviews I read for two of the sites I was going to include in this post were mostly negative so I left those off my list.  I like to check reviews before doing business with a new company.  Aside from consumer opinions, I’m able to learn more about their business practices.  Many consumer reviews include the phrase:  “What they don’t tell you is….”  It is wise to take a few extra minutes to look up the company you are planning to deal with, it may save you some headaches!

2- Offer Personal Services

There are many personal services that you can offer locally.  The idea is to make other people’s lives easier.  Advertising can be done with a flyer in mailboxes (pay a kid to do it for you), hanging a flyer with tear off tabs at a local store or placing a free add in a local mailer or online publication.  Keep in mind, making just a little extra money each week can add up to big money over time.

I have a friend who has created her own little set of personalized services.  Her jobs include babysitting, vacation pet care, house sitting and driving a friend’s mother to her doctor’s appointments.  All she needs is reliable transportation and to be smart at organizing her day and week to fit in all her various jobs.

This same friend also does some neat bartering: In exchange for cleaning the local gym, she gets membership and fitness classes at the same time.  How great to get free gym time and classes in exchange for a little work!

With a little planning, you can easily create your own personal services business.  Choose something you like doing and create a side business out of it!   Add some local ads and word of mouth advertising, and your business begins to grow.

If you are great with kids and have to take care of your own children anyway, babysitting or childcare is one of the most obvious options for you.  Many SAHMs supplement their family income this way.

Elder care is a growing field and here you can completely make your own business without needing to be a certified LPN or RN.  Older parents and grandparents often need to go to medical appointments, grocery shopping or other errands but aren’t able to drive themselves anymore.  Many working couples pay someone to check in on their parents and drive them where they need to go during the day.  If you like driving, some people I know make a very nice side income by driving people to the airport.  The clients don’t need to leave their cars in Long Term Parking and pay the fee.

6 Ways to Earn Extra Cash Now!

House sitting and pet sitting are popular services that people need.  My nephew, who worked as a veterinary assistant created his own side business.  Often clients would ask at the front desk about pet sitting and he was first on their recommendation list!  Since he had plenty of animal care experience, clients were very comfortable with him.  His pet sitting often turned into house sitting as well and he was able to charge for both services.   His client list grew quickly because he was recommended to everyone’s friends.  This was a perfect cash business to add to his day job.

Manual Labor like leaf raking, snow shoveling, lawn mowing and yard work are all good sources for extra cash in your pocket.  Once you get your business started and get some referrals and word of mouth advertising, you can get repeat business going.  Printing up flyers or printing business cards and handing them out, helps your side business grow.

3- Re-sell Other People’s Stuff

I have always enjoyed visiting yard sales, picking up old, beaten up furniture and refinishing it.  Sometimes I would get too many of these projects and start running out of room, so I sold some.  I realized that I didn’t need to keep any of the refinished pieces for myself I could just turn around and sell them at a yard sale or on Craigslist.

Many savvy shoppers (often re-sellers) come to yard sales looking specifically for items to resell for a profit.  You can re-sell collectibles, electronics, automotive equipment, infomercial products and much more.  Some seasoned yard sale goers buy sets of dishes and re-sell them individually as replacement pieces.

The Penny Hoarder has an informative post of all the most popular kid’s items to buy and re-sell.  When I looked through the list, I couldn’t believe how many were items that I had sold for a fraction of their re-sale value!  Now I know for next time!

Garage Sale Coach has an extensive list of all the valuable items you can buy for re-sale.  Many of these items I knew of, but others I wouldn’t have thought would be such great re-sale pieces.

Years ago, as I was leaving for work, my neighbor had a wrought iron Bistro set out at the curb.  It was too good to pass up and I knew it would never be there when I got back home.  I put it in the trunk and back seat, delivered it to my back yard and refinished it that weekend.  With wrought iron, scraping off the rust and spray painting is easy.  Adding new seat covers using outdoor fabric was simple and I had to purchase a new piece of glass for the tabletop for $45.  The table was beautiful and I got a lot of use out of it for about 10 years.  At our new house, I really didn’t need it any longer since we had lots of new outdoor furniture.  At our first yard sale in the new house, I sold the Bistro set for $85!  I got 10 years of good use and still made a profit.

Again here, if you find good items that people are getting rid of curbside or cheap at yard sales, you may be able to re-sell them for a nice profit.  When you get an item cheap or free, then clean and repair it at little cost, your profit margin can be huge!

4 – Offer Professional Services

What is your professional background or day job? What training or experience do you have that you can put to use as a side job?

Tutoring, music lessons, painting & art lessons are all great ways to supplement your income.   Bookkeeping, computer repair, tech support or Virtual Assistant work, you can turn your skills into a new side job.

For many years, I did private tutoring as one of my side jobs.  After getting a few students from the local school district I lived in, new referrals came from my clients.  I had many students for several years and then their younger siblings or cousins.  In the end, this part time tutoring is what enabled me to save enough money for my first house.  At the age of 29, I had saved enough money to purchase my first home on my own.

I know a woman who turned her waitressing and bartending experience into a nice side business by working private parties at people’s houses.  She has been doing this for many years with several good friends and has developed a solid client base.  She and her friends are often requested and are booked months ahead of time by some of the clients.

Life guarding at someone’s house when they are having a party can also turn into a fabulous summer gig.  Every parent that is at the party is a potential customer.  Printing business cards isn’t a bad idea.  Private and small group swimming lessons is another great source of side income.

Do you have carpentry, plumbing, house painting or electrical background?  Turn those skills into a new side business for yourself.  You might consider learning a new skill like accounting or home inspections.  When you are ready to retire from your full time job, your side gig can be there to help bring in extra cash.

5. Rent out items you own

A great way to help pay for a large expensive item is to let the purchase help pay for itself.

If you have a second home, you can rent it out.  This doesn’t need to be be permanently, many people use services like VRBO.com and Homeaway.com to rent their homes for a week or month at a time to vacationers.  Other people choose to rent out a portion of their house like an upstairs, basement or just a bedroom.  We don’t currently have a second home but to help pay for one, I would certainly consider this option.  Besides the fact that a second home can be your vacation spot, when your children are older, they can use it with friends or their own families.

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If you have your own a tent, tables or chairs for your own parties, you can set up a small rental business.  This is a perfect business to start with your own kids.  You make the initial investment so that you don’t need to pay a tent rental company and then you make the tent pay for itself!  If you have older teenage kids they can become the delivery, setup and pick-up crew.

You can be very creative with rental options.  If you have a big item that people may want to use but not buy themselves, you can consider renting it out.  Other items to consider renting out can be a Chocolate fountain, yard tools, lawn mower or a bouncy house.

6. Sell Things You Make

If you make crafts, jewelry, painted items, this is the section for you!  If you are crafty and are able to make items to sell, that can turn into a nice side business.  Once word of mouth begins, you will have people placing orders.

I have a friend that is a talented artist and she creates beautiful painted wine glasses, jewelry boxes, mirrors and keepsakes.  Her work is stunning and has become so popular she often has to stop taking holiday orders because she is completely booked.

Another friend makes fabulous jewelry with a tropical theme adding seashells from Hawaii.  Not only would she sell to friends and family, her unique jewelry was its own advertisement whenever someone wore it.  If you make your own crafts, there are many craft fairs and showcases that you can sign up to be a vendor.

Who doesn’t need a little extra cash?  With some planning and effort, you can create your own side business.  There is no limit on your financial creativity.  Think of what you like doing and create a business out of it!  Please share your business ideas in a comment to help inspire other readers.  What business have you created?

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