Gloria Kaye is the creator of this blog designed to help readers with keeping healthy budgets, paying off debt, losing weight, exercise tips and much more. 

Gloria is a wife, mother of four, Teacher, Trainer and entrepreneur.6 Ways to Earn Extra Cash Now!

Gloria is a Certified Teacher with a dual Masters Degree and over 30 years of education expertise.  Her teaching experience includes adult education, teacher training, individualized education programs and parent training in addition to her work in the classroom with elementary students.  Her teaching focuses most on students with special needs in regular and special education programs.

Her Teaching Certifications include: NYS Elementary Education & Special Education, Certificate in Instructional Technology, SMART Board Certified Trainer, Online Instructor and Certificates in Bookkeeping.

As far as Weight Loss, Gloria has 10 years of successful weight loss, education and nutrition background.  Her constant quest for knowledge has led her to develop her own fitness routines, healthy eating practices and weight loss plans.  Gloria is available for individualized coaching sessions related to analyzing your eating habits, designing healthier meal plans and helping to develop a weight loss plan to fit your individualized needs.

For Bloggers, Gloria provides reasonably priced blog support services including photo editing, social media boosting, image design, blogger support sessions and Pinterest Pin assistance.

For more info on working together contact Gloria at:  gloriak@jugglingmother.net     

Fitness, Finance, Debt Management & More at JugglingMother.net

This website is a result of my love of writing and technology, my strong devotion to teaching both children and adults and the satisfaction I get from helping others.  I hope you enjoy the posts and find something helpful to organize and simplify your days.           


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