Apps for Smart Kids: Book Towers

Math & Logic App for Kids

What does the App Do?

Book towers is a strategy game using sequencing numbers, sizes and colors of books in a library theme.  The solutions are easy at first, then it gets progressively more challenging, even for adults.  

The app is free and so it is perfect for my classroom or at home with my own children.

Academic Focus:  

Number sequencing, step by step strategy, spatial relations, thinking skills, categorizing, multi-step planning

Book Towers for Thinking Skills

Why I love this App

What I like about this game is the way it helps kids learn to plan, sequence and think.  Any game that teaches thinking skills rather than random guessing as kids often do, rates high on my list.   My kids just feel like they are playing but I know they are learning and exercising their brains.

The visual number and size sequencing is reinforced in this game and is an added bonus for my younger students who need these skills.  My students are motivated by being able to play a “bigger kid” game.

The colored and numbered book stacks are mixed up and need to be put back in order.  The levels are quite simple in the early levels of the game but definitely become more challenging.  They need to plan the moves needed to solve each level.

It is easy for me to use this app with multiple students of varied ages because you can go back to replay any level desired.

Book Towers Strategy AppFree Apps for Thinking skills

Why kids love this app

My kids like this because it is untimed and therefore unpressured.  They can go back and change a move if they need to or replay a level if they think they can do better.  Like many apps, you can earn 1, 2 or 3 stars for how quickly you solve the level.  The least amount of moves, the more starts you earn.  If you want to go for the 3 stars, you can replay the level.

Get the Book Towers App Here!

Great Book Towers App!

How I like to use the App

For younger students, we play this game together.  I help guide them verbally through the game until they are confident enough to play on their own.  We often solve one level together and then they replay that same level without my assistance.  This gives them that feeling of independence and boosts their confidence.  

For older students, I often use this as a reward.  I also use short games as a warm up or for keeping them on task while I start another student on their activity.  An app like this is also perfect to wake up their brains before we begin a lesson.

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Apps for Smart Kids!

Motivate your students with apps in the classroom or sneak in some extra thinking and learning at home. 

I use apps in my classroom to keep my kids engaged, inspire them to finish classwork quickly, reward them for their accomplishments and to complete challenge activities.  Sometimes, my students use the iPads “just for fun” but that is not the norm. 

Generally, using the iPad in my class means you will need to do some type of real work to go along with it.  My students know that if they are not “growing their brains” with an activity, I won’t let them do it for too long.  Try using smart apps at home and in the classroom.  My own children and my students incorporate more technology, learn something and have fun at the same time. 

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