Apps for Smarter Kids: 7 Little Words

Recommended App: 7 Little Words for Kids

What does the App Do? 

Kids solve 7 word puzzles in each round of the game.   For each of the 7 definitions given, kids need to figure out the word by piecing the word parts together.  Hidden pictures are revealed as the words are solved. 

This is a kid friendly app that boosts their confidence and skills at the same time.

Academic Focus:  reading, decoding, spelling, phonics, vocabulary, comprehension, thinking skills, language development

 Why I love this app 

This literacy app is jam packed with skill building and the kids like it so much they don’t even notice that they are learning!  Students think they are playing not really working and learning – this to me is the key to a great activity!  This app is great for many grade levels.  My students learn more vocabulary and they reinforce reading skills while they are doing it.  Kids can work in teams which is always great for students lacking confidence or skills. This word game is very motivational, I can use this app as an opener or a closer to my resource room sessions.

If this app becomes too easy for the older students, just switch them over to the adult version!  The original 7 Little Words app is great to play as a group; my students love learning new grown up words.

This App builds Vocabulary and Reading Skills!

What’s great about this app:  

Kids can use this app independently or in teams.  It has quick straightforward word puzzles that can easily be used as a warm up or a closing activity.  Even students with developing reading skills can experience success with this app.  Stronger students use the app independently, while younger students work with a teacher or partner.

See the Apps Here!

7 Little Words for Kids  

7 Little Words – original adult & big kid version 

How I like to use it:  

As an opener, kids read all the definitions to me and then solve the puzzles.  If I want to add in writing, they write 3-5 of the words in sentences.  For younger students, they put the words into sentences verbally, great for expressive skills.  My goal is always to increase language and vocabulary skills.  I add in writing activities whenever possible, my kids know that one of my jobs is to make them better writers.

As a Closer, after my kids finish their “real work”, they can play a few rounds on their own or team up with another student.

Great App for Thinking Skills and Vocabulary

Classroom Carryover:

I like to have kids make up their own puzzles which is more challenging than they think!  For this activity I give them a worksheet to plan their words and definitions.  Then they make their own word puzzles.

Motivate your students with apps in the classroom or sneak in some extra thinking and learning at home. 

I use apps in my classroom to keep my kids engaged, inspire them to finish classwork quickly and to complete challenge activities.  Sometimes, my students use the iPads just for fun, but that is not the norm.  Generally, using the iPad in my class means you will need to do some type of “real work” to go along with it.  My students know if they are not “growing their brains” with an activity, I wont let them do it for too long. 

Try using smart apps at home and in the classroom.  My students incorporate more technology, learn something and have fun at the same time. 

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  1. Great idea and app suggestion. I work with preschool kids and am always looking for something fun and exciting to do with them while learning at the same time. Thanks!

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