Earning More Money

Create Income Streams: Use what you know

Tips to Create Income Streams

You can truly create your own business by using the experience and talents that you already have. 

I’m sharing three stories of women I know who have created their own successful side businesses.  They started out small, one step at a time. 

Patience and persistence paid off and each of these women have created profitable side jobs with impressive income streams.

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10 Reasons to Try ibotta Today

Try ibotta to Start Earning Cash!

If I have a coupon, I use it but who has time to search for them?  As a working mom, I don’t have time to scour newspapers, circulars, magazines or websites for coupons. 

When a friend sent me an invite to join her ibotta team with the $10 welcome bonus, I decided it was worth a look.

I have been using ibotta for the last few months and I have already earned hundreds of dollars in rebates.  I don’t just save money, I get cash transferred into my PayPal account!  Essentially, Ibotta pays me for the shopping I already do!

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How to make More Money at your Yard Sale

Make more Money at your Yard Sale

Need to earn some extra cash? 

Have you tried having a yard sale yet? 

Not only is a yard sale an excellent way to earn cash, there are other bonuses.  Your house, garage, basement, attic and more get cleaner and more organized.  You also gain valuable storage space in your home. 

If you have your sale with neighbors or family members, you can have fun while earning money.  Read more, for tips on organizing your yard sale. 

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4 Reasons you Need an Emergency Fund and 3 Kinds to Have

3 Types of Emergency Funds and Why you need them!Do you have an Emergency Fund yet? 

If your answer is No or Not Really, you are in the same position as almost half of Americans. 

No one plans to need an Emergency Fund, but it’s important to have one.  If you plan ahead, you can avoid serious financial problems by having some money set aside for the unexpected events in life.   

Read more to learn about 3 types of funds and why you need them.


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6 Ways to Earn Extra CASH

6 Ways to Earn Extra CashWould you like to earn more money? 

Need some extra cash in your pocket? 

Earning extra money is very motivating to most people.  Having enough hours in the day to make it happen is the tricky part.  Finding side jobs to supplement your income is a great way to earn some extra money. 

Read more for six ways to create some cash income streams.

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Yard Sale Negotiating – How to price items and make a profit

How to price and negotiate at your yard saleDo you have too much old stuff taking up space in your garage or basement?  Is it time to plan a Yard Sale?  

The benefits of a yard sale are many, starting with cleaning up and de-cluttering your house.  In addition to gaining new empty space, which makes your house feel bigger, you find things you didn’t remember owning, and you throw out junk!  Then of course, you make some extra cash for all your hard work.   Read more to help you hone your selling tactics so that you can make a better profit on your sale. 

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Selling on Craigslist Made Easy

How to Sell on CraigslistHave you ever tried a yard sale or selling an item online?  

Over the years, I have had numerous yard sales and the benefits are many. 

You can de-clutter your house from top to bottom, you find things you didn’t remember owning, you make some lovely cash and you often have fun while meeting new people!  One of the problems with yard sales is they are a lot of work and if you don’t have enough useful and interesting items to sell, it’s just not worth all the effort.  This is what prompted me to try selling items locally on Craigslist.  Below, you will find a step by step guide to safely and simply sell items using Craigslist.

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In what way is this Conversation Generating Revenue?  

If you are going to invest your time and talents in an activity, why not be paid for it?

After just a few weeks at her new job my mother was chatting to her boss about an article she read in the Times.  After only a few minutes, he cut her off saying:

 “Judith, in what way is this conversation generating revenue?” 

Poor Mom was shocked and rather offended at his ill-mannered question! 

But at the same time, she was intrigued by how focused and disciplined his mind was and how much mental self control he possessed. 

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