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Apps for Smart Kids: Book Towers

Math & Logic App for Kids

What does the App Do?

Book towers is a strategy game using sequencing numbers, sizes and colors of books in a library theme.  The solutions are easy at first, then it gets progressively more challenging, even for adults.  

The app is free and so it is perfect for my classroom or at home with my own children.

Academic Focus:  

Number sequencing, step by step strategy, spatial relations, thinking skills, categorizing, multi-step planning

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Please Let Your Child Use Scissors!

Kids need to use scissors!As well prepared as students are when they arrive in kindergarten, some children are lacking in certain areas of experience.  This is not to say, they are unprepared for school. 

Instead, some students did not have exposure to specific experiences.  Sometimes this is noticeable with delayed social skills, listening to a story, eating on their own, turn taking in a game or even using the playground. 

One of the ways we see this lack of experience in kindergarten is when children don’t know how to correctly hold and use a scissor.  This is also one of the easiest skills to fix quickly!

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Apps for Smarter Kids: 7 Little Words

Recommended App: 7 Little Words for Kids

What does the App Do? 

Kids solve 7 word puzzles in each round of the game.   For each of the 7 definitions given, kids need to figure out the word by piecing the word parts together.  Hidden pictures are revealed as the words are solved. 

This is a kid friendly app that boosts their confidence and skills at the same time.

Academic Focus:  reading, decoding, spelling, phonics, vocabulary, comprehension, thinking skills, language development

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Why Children Should Pack their own Schoolbags!

After years of watching kindergarten students acclimate to the classroom, some students set themselves apart from their peers quickly. 

When looking at a typical group of kindergarten students, some stand out because they are very verbal or already good readers.   Other students may shine because they have great drawing or writing skills.  Then other students may stand out because they have more common sense, can problem solve and are very self sufficient in the classroom.  They also know what is in their schoolbag!

Often, these students are some of my most successful learners! 

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SINGLE BEST TRICK to improve your Child’s Language

Toddler Language Skills

Parents worry about their children, because it’s their job!  Many parents worry most, about their toddler’s language development. 

If your child is not in school yet, you may be unsure how they compare to other children their age.  How can you be sure they are hitting their milestones? 

The good news is you don’t need parenting classes or textbooks to study up on language development.  

This one trick will make a difference in your toddler’s language.  I guarantee you will notice a difference, quite rapidly.

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