Tea Cart Makeover- One Day DIY Project

Teacart for a Party!This lovely and functional accent piece was a simple one day makeover.  

I found the cart in my new backyard left behind by the previous owners.  It was abandoned in a corner along with some other wrought iron furniture. 

Since it had no shelves, and a broken wheel it wasn’t very practical without a lot of work. 

Read more for how it was easily brought back to life with just $30 and a few hours worth of work.

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Be a List Maker – Organize Your Brain!

Stay more organized with Super Lists

Making lists and writing things down is one of the first steps to being highly organized. 

Planning ahead and being methodical, can help you to be more productive.  Being able to check items off your list, gives you that positive feeling of accomplishment. 

Constantly having too much to do, has motivated me to upgrade my list making strategy. 

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Children and Chores – Homey App can Help!

Motivate Kids with Homey AppGetting your children to do chores consistently usually requires patience, persistence and often creativity as parents.  I go back to the drawing board, time and again thinking of ways to inspire my kids to help out more often and do their jobs.  

Keep reading for some tech help and motivation for getting your kids to do their chores!

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Kitchen Hacks and Tools to Save Time!

Tricks to save time in the kitchen

How to make your time in the kitchen easier!

Do you like to save time in the kitchen? 

Do you like tricks and tools to help you spend less time cooking? 

This post is for you, read more to learn quick tricks to help make food preparation easier and more fun.

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Most Organized Calendar Ever

Using a Digital Calendar can save you time.Would you like to be more organized and remember more?  

Do you have trouble keeping track of appointments and places to be?

Use a digital calendar to help you to be more Productive and save you time.  If you maximize the features of the built in apps on your phone, you will become more efficient and have more time for other interests.  

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10 Great Party Planning Tips

Perfect Organizing Tips for your PartyDoes planning a party make you feel overwhelmed? 

Do you have trouble organizing to prepare for having company? 

If the answer is yes, this is the right post for you!  I have a large extended family that is still growing, and as a result our family parties are getting bigger all the time.  More people, more food and more preparation are all needed for each get together.  I have learned a few tricks that help make planning my parties easier. 

I’m sharing my best tips to help you plan and organize your own party. 

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How I Reduced My Laundry by 80%!

Never get OverLoaded by laundry again!Don’t you just love doing laundry?  Isn’t it your favorite household task?  NOT!!! 

We are a family of six with four busy children that play sports and we create a massive amount of laundry, constantly!   A light week in our house can be 7 loads and a heavy week is 10 or more loads!  Fortunately, we bought the largest capacity machine but I still hate doing laundry!  Many household tasks are repetitive and never ending but laundry is, without a doubt, my least favorite! 

There is no job in the house that I despise more than washing, drying, carrying, folding, and delivering the laundry. 

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7 Ways to Master Google Maps

Learn Google Map Tricks to find anything!Do you use a GPS or map app to get to new places? 

Is it working well for you? 

Google Maps will not only get you there, it has a wealth of information about your destination.  Below are tricks and features to help you maximize the effectiveness of your map app.  

Of all the map apps available, I prefer Google Maps.  Using Google Maps can help you get places faster, explore the area and save you time. 

See below for ideas and features you may not know about yet.

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