30 Practical Lessons for Teens Before they Leave Home

Tips for Raising Smart TeensIs your teen ready to leave home?  Whether your kids are leaving home for college or moving out, some smart preparation can help them be better equipped. 

When our children go out in the world to “seek their fortunes”, we want them to be well prepared.   Parents want their children to be more organized for life than they were themselves.  

To help accomplish this goal, stop doing too much for your kids!  Encourage them to learn how to take care of themselves, at least a little.   Below is a list of 30 useful lessons for your kids to help them be better prepared for adult living!

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Why I Bought My Kids a New Bathroom for Christmas!

Adding Basement Bathroom

It is amazing that one of the smallest rooms in the house is the often fought over the most! 

This room of course, being the bathroom and who gets in first.   Six people bickering over who has been in the bathroom for too long becomes exhausting.  Each person “Needs” to get in “Now” so everyone gets rushed. 

This was our stressful way to begin each work and school day.  But not anymore!!

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Children and Chores – Homey App can Help!

Motivate Kids with Homey AppGetting your children to do chores consistently usually requires patience, persistence and often creativity as parents.  I go back to the drawing board, time and again thinking of ways to inspire my kids to help out more often and do their jobs.  

Keep reading for some tech help and motivation for getting your kids to do their chores!

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Tips to Avoid Holiday Stress!

Tips to Avoid Holiday StressSitting in holiday traffic…

Waiting on long lines…

Getting stuck in mall gridlock…

These can all increase your stress level each holiday season, or Anytime of the Year, for that matter. 

Combine these problems with a huge list of holiday tasks to accomplish, it’s no wonder you are feeling Less than Merry!   Try these tips to help stay far ahead of holiday stress.

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Ready for Kindergarten?  Fine Motor skills your child will need

Is your Child ready for school?What are fine motor skills and why are they so important as your child begins their school career?  How does your child measure up?

The ability to color, draw and eventually write is one of the most important skills your child will focus on in kindergarten.  And yet, many children enter their formal schooling far behind their peers in this area.  Motor skills are often over-looked by parents because the major focus is on learning letters and reading.  Read more to find out how to help your child be well prepared to begin their school career.

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Punishing Children Productively: Choosing Effective Discipline

How to choose effective discipline for your teens.

Little kids, little misbehaviors. 

Bigger kids, bigger, more serious, behaviors. 

Why can’t our children just make all the best decisions, all the time?  Why do they insist on doing things that will get them into trouble?  Don’t distress!  Instead, take advantage of your children’s misbehavior and make the situation work in your favor.  Punish your children – more Productively. 

Read more to learn how to turn your children’s negative behaviors into some positive outcomes.

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How To Please Your Picky Eater

Pleasing Picky Eaters - dinner ideas

Do your children eat all their dinner each night? 

Do they happily devour whatever you cook for them without complaint? 

Does your family compliment you on the time, effort and culinary skills you used in preparing yet another delicious and nutritious meal? 

Maybe, I had a dream like this once, because this is certainly Not what happens in my house.  Dinner time does not have to be so complicated!

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How I Reduced My Laundry by 80%!

Never get OverLoaded by laundry again!Don’t you just love doing laundry?  Isn’t it your favorite household task?  NOT!!! 

We are a family of six with four busy children that play sports and we create a massive amount of laundry, constantly!   A light week in our house can be 7 loads and a heavy week is 10 or more loads!  Fortunately, we bought the largest capacity machine but I still hate doing laundry!  Many household tasks are repetitive and never ending but laundry is, without a doubt, my least favorite! 

There is no job in the house that I despise more than washing, drying, carrying, folding, and delivering the laundry. 

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Quick Croissant Snacks

Easy Croissant Roll SnacksYou can stuff a croissant with anything!

I love finding a new recipe that is as easy as it looks, with as few ingredients as possible!  

I found this recipe on Pinterest when I was looking for a new appetizer to try for a family birthday party.  Special thanks to for this super simple recipe, click here for their original pin.  The recipe uses pepperoni and cheese, it was simple to make and tasted delicious.  

What’s even better is this recipe lends itself to endless substitutions with any type of filling!  Read more for endless substitutions!  

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Teaching Kids about Money

Money lessons for children can never start too soon.Do your children spend and save their money wisely?  Do they really understand the value of money? 

You can start early with your young children teaching them good money habits like smart shopping and price comparisons.  As they get older, teach them about money management, budgeting and different types of savings accounts.  Show them why they would want to save up some of their money rather than spending it all quickly. 

Finally, teach your children about investing rather than just saving and the value of compounding and long term investments.  This is a two part series, be sure to sign up for the Newsletter for future money lessons for your teenagers and young adults.

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