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30 Practical Lessons for Teens Before they Leave Home

Tips for Raising Smart TeensIs your teen ready to leave home?  Whether your kids are leaving home for college or moving out, some smart preparation can help them be better equipped. 

When our children go out in the world to “seek their fortunes”, we want them to be well prepared.   Parents want their children to be more organized for life than they were themselves.  

To help accomplish this goal, stop doing too much for your kids!  Encourage them to learn how to take care of themselves, at least a little.   Below is a list of 30 useful lessons for your kids to help them be better prepared for adult living!

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6 Smart Steps to Tackle your Debt

6 Steps to Reduce Debt

Step One:  Know your Budget 

Analyze all your money: income, savings and money owed.  Look closely at recurring payments, one time bills, repeating quarterly payments etc.

Remember to calculate your cost of living expenses for the month.  How much do you really spend, rather than what you think you spend. 

Find out the total amount of money you owe. 

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Why I Bought My Kids a New Bathroom for Christmas!

Adding Basement Bathroom

It is amazing that one of the smallest rooms in the house is the often fought over the most! 

This room of course, being the bathroom and who gets in first.   Six people bickering over who has been in the bathroom for too long becomes exhausting.  Each person “Needs” to get in “Now” so everyone gets rushed. 

This was our stressful way to begin each work and school day.  But not anymore!!

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Wipe Out Debt

Pay off Holiday Debt!Did you overspend during the holidays this year?  You are not alone. 

Recent statistics from a National Survey report that 56% of consumers said they spend too much during the holidays. 

Over 30% of consumers say they have gone into debt as a result of unplanned holiday purchases.  Up to 43% of consumers surveyed say that their holidays are difficult to enjoy due to extra expenses and that holiday finances cause extra stress in their lives. 

Here is a plan to wipe out that debt.

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Debt Avalanche REALLY works to Pay Off Debt

Get out of Debt using Debt Avalance

Do you have too many bills to pay? 

Are you trying to pay down your debt? 

By organizing your bills and debts and using a systematic method to pay them off, you can pay them faster.  A payment system known as Debt Avalanche is my favorite. 

It is simple and it works, so this is now the only method I will use.  Try this easy Four Step method to get out of debt.

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4 Reasons you Need an Emergency Fund and 3 Kinds to Have

3 Types of Emergency Funds and Why you need them!Do you have an Emergency Fund yet? 

If your answer is No or Not Really, you are in the same position as almost half of Americans. 

No one plans to need an Emergency Fund, but it’s important to have one.  If you plan ahead, you can avoid serious financial problems by having some money set aside for the unexpected events in life.   

Read more to learn about 3 types of funds and why you need them.


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How to Save $1200+ per year by Making Little Money Changes

How to save Big money by making small changes in spending.

Do you have more money than you know what to do with?  

Maybe not, if this post title caught your eye!  

I love calculators, spreadsheets, number crunching and most of all saving money.  I never thought budgeting could be fun, now I think quite differently.  Watching my spreadsheets with my savings accounts going up and my debt going down, can be exciting in its own financially responsible/nerdy way.  

Try these small ideas that can add up to Big Savings of $1200 or more a year.

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