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Motivate Kids with Homey AppGetting your children to do chores consistently usually requires patience, persistence and often creativity as parents.  I go back to the drawing board, time and again thinking of ways to inspire my kids to help out more often and do their jobs.  

Keep reading for some tech help and motivation for getting your kids to do their chores!

Now that my children are all old enough to have smartphones, I often text them photos of a chore they forgot to do.  At times, I take my photo of the unfinished chore such as a bed piled high with clean clothing or garbage to be taken out.

I then wait patiently until that child asks to go somewhere (often via text).  I can instantly text back the photo of the incomplete chore as my reply!  Eventually, my kids are learning to do all their chores first, and then ask to leave the house.  Unfortunately, this is a slow and inconsistent method, but it works for me much of the time.

Chores & Rewards - Homey App

Constantly reminding my children of their chores can sometimes get too time-consuming for me.  As a working mom, I have a busy teaching schedule in addition to my already busy “mom” schedule.  It’s difficult enough to remember all my own jobs and responsibilities without needing to constantly remind my children.

Using a chore app like Homey, can make my mom job a little easier.  Homey helps remind my children what jobs they haven’t done yet, so I don’t need to.  It even inspires them to work a little harder to earn allowance.  Better yet, they are learning to save up that allowance for a bigger reward.  Homey is a fun and effective app for managing a busy family!

Homey is a fabulous chore app that motivates your children and involves the entire household.  Homey reminds and inspires your kids to finish their chores to earn rewards.  This App adds a little friendly competition by offering Free for All chores and a Leader Board.   Homey helps keep your family organized and your house gets cleaner too!

One particular feature of Homey that I liked was the lists of pre-loaded chores so I didn’t have to think of them all.   Some of the Homey chore packs include: School Days, Kitchen, Spring Cleaning, Floors, Bathroom and more.  These chore packs are organized by rooms or seasons.  Several chore packs are free to get you started.  You can also create your own chores and customize.  In addition, there are some larger chore packs available as in-app purchases.

Homey App for Families

The Christmas chore pack not only includes decorating and wrapping but thoughtful chores as well.  Helping others, calling your grandparent and writing a letter are included on the chore list.

The Spring Cleaning chore pack includes 65 chores for both the inside and outside of the house.  The list has chores for the grownups as well as the kids in the house.  Some of my personal favorites to delegate to my children are cleaning the outdoor furniture and dusting bookcases.

When I looked through the lists of pre loaded chores, there were some new ones that I never thought of asking my kids to do.  Ironing for my older kids, pulling weeds and polishing faucets were some new job ideas I found.  I also found some new holiday chores to keep my kids busy and my house cleaner.  I’m not quite sure if my kids are too happy about how many new chores I have discovered, but I certainly am!

Help children learn about earning and saving.

Another fun feature of Homey is the Free for All chores.  The chosen chore is assigned to multiple people in your household.  The first person to complete the chore, earns the reward.  My children, fighting over Doing chores instead of Not doing them?  I love that idea!   My daughter beat out her twin brother by doing more chores to earn several rewards.  The Leader Board in Homey is also great for adding a little friendly competition to house cleaning.

Homey App for Families

Homey breaks up tasks like Cleaning the Bathroom into separate Chores, which I thought was an excellent idea.  Overloading kids with a big job with many tasks involved, can easily overwhelm them.  Rather than getting anything finished, my kids just complain that the work is too much for them.

Homey helps solve this my chore is too big issue.  One of the bathroom chores can be the sink or toilet.  Then a separate chore can be cleaning the shower or bathroom floor.  My children can choose to do several chores at once or over several days.  This breaking down of tasks into smaller more manageable pieces is an excellent lesson for kids to learn.

Homey works on a reward system.  Kids can do their chores and work on earning rewards.  They can choose to cash in and get smaller more frequent rewards or save for larger more substantial rewards.  This is one way that Homey helps kids learn about saving up money and even delaying gratification in order to earn a more substantial reward.

How do you keep your kids accountable for their chores?  They take a photo of the finished job!  When kids complete the chores, they mark it complete by snapping a photo of the finished job.  They earn their rewards and move up the Leader Board, each time they complete their chores.

Homey is a fantastic app for busy families.  Homey helps remind your children to do their chores and so much more.  Homey motivates your children to be more responsible about doing chores, managing their money and helps teach important finance lessons for the future.

Head over to the Homey Website at for more details and information.

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  1. Can’t wait to check out the Homey app with our 3 kids ages 10, 11 & 14. I’ve been looking for the “right” motivator and I think I may have just found it!

  2. That is pretty cool. I have not heard of this app. Going to check it out now. 18 year old son can’t seem to remember to take the trashcans to the street on the right days and then bring them up.

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