Front Door Charm- Quick Fix Wreath Ideas

Having a seasonal wreath on your front door adds charm and welcomes people to your home. Save time and money by giving your old wreath new life!Having a seasonal wreath on your front door adds charm and welcomes people to your home.  

I prefer using a double-sided wreath hanger so I can have something pleasant on the inside as well.  For the inside, I usually choose a smaller non-seasonal design so that it looks appropriate any time of year.  Changing my outdoor wreath to match the seasons makes the house look pretty year round.  

Constantly paying for a new wreath however, is an expense I prefer not to incur.  I have used many tricks to make the door look lovely while spending as little as possible.

Buying sale items after the season is an easy fix, if you can also apply a store coupon, even better.

My brain loves the way a $40 or $50 wreath looks and I can just picture how attractive it will be on my front door.  But I certainly don’t want to pay that much.  If however, I buy after the season at 50% off, my $50 wreath is now $25, with 20% coupon it goes down to $20. That price works much better for my wallet!

If I estimate that my wreath will last three years before it is faded and old looking, the wreath cost me approximately $7/year with the tax.  This is where my favorite wreath trick comes in to play.  I don’t want to throw away the wreath, pay for a new one or spend time I don’t have shopping for and crafting a new one.  So I give my faded wreaths makeovers by adding some new flowers and adornments.

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For several years now, I have been spiffing up my old wreaths and bringing them to back to new life.  I buy some seasonal flowers and decorations and using some floral wire attach them to the old wreath.  Any pieces that are broken or too faded simply get snipped off and thrown away.  The original wreath from when we purchased our house holds some sentimental value for me; it has blue, green and purple hues that complimented the house colors.  When it started to look wretched and many flowers had fallen off I decided to add some newer brighter flowers and the difference was amazing.  When you are up close, you can see some of the older faded flowers but from further away, it looks like a new wreath.

My Christmas wreath from years ago had half the lights burned out and many of the decorations had peeled, broken, or fallen off completely.  I picked out some really gaudy gold leafy looking items that I would never really choose intentionally but they were on sale, along with some greens and red ornaments.  The effect was perfect, in combination with the other colors and from the street, the whole wreath popped and looked much better than it had for years.

I have now repeated this process with my fall, spring and summer wreaths.  My original house wreath is now coming up on its ten-year anniversary.  Having a storm door (new for us) with our new front door is great for helping to further preserve the wreaths.  

Spending a lot less money by redesigning each wreath gives me more cash to use elsewhere.  Once you start with the refurbishing, there are endless possibilities!

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