It’s OK to be Less than Perfect!

Being Less than Perfect - is OK!Do you like to work on something until you get it Just Right?  

Are you able to finish something if it isn’t perfect?

That was definitely the old me!  I spent hours getting every detail just right and agonizing over the finishing touches of any project.  I finally realized that if I lightened up a bit, I could get a lot more completed, and it’s actually been working!  I’m now getting more accomplished, by fretting less!  

A little less than perfect, is just fine with me now!  

Read more here for how to be happy with less than perfect!

I was (and still can be) a procrastinator as far as finishing projects or making decisions because I wanted everything to be just right and picture perfect.  Sometimes I would freeze and make no decision at all.

noun: perfectionist; plural noun: perfectionists
1. a person who refuses to accept any standard short of perfection.
Totally, the old me!

I can think about certain projects for my home, work or personal for days & weeks and work on the possible problems or obstacles in my head.  When I finally start the project, I’ve worked out most of the kinks mentally.  This way, when I begin the project, I already have most of the supplies, steps and finished product planned out.

Planning ahead can be very effective: 

Recently, my daughter and I decided to recreate a chocolate dipped Oreo turkey that I received as a gift (new project for us). I analyzed the turkey pop, made a shopping list, googled some samples, and studied some chocolate melting methods via YouTube.  The turkeys were awesome, and not too complicated.  We gave them as gifts and decorated our table as well.  This was a total win, and we will make them again.  But there have been many fails as well, not all my great ideas actually work out.

If you are waiting for everything to be just perfect, you may never start or finish anything!

The flip side is…

sometimes I think too much, over-plan, over-think and as a result totally avoid doing anything at all.  At times, opportunities have completely passed me by as a result of too much thinking about it.  Some of this procrastination has meant spending less money, so occasionally there was a silver lining in that respect.  Other times, I have missed opportunities that I have regretted.

I see now, that I purposely put off certain decisions because Im not sure I’m making the right choice:

Major purchase do I really need this new computer now?
Reupholster a chair – do I actually feel like taking on this project right now?
Planning a vacation – is this really where we want to go, is it the best deal?

Starting a Blog – is this really a good idea, time wise?  Can I really write posts that people will want to read?  Will I really help readers simplify and organize their lives, homes and families?  I certainly hope so!

And so, I stopped procrastinating and began my less than perfect blog. 

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