How I lost 18 pounds and kept it off!

How to lose weightHave you ever tried to lose some weight?  

Did you find it a bit challenging?  

I have never been a dieter, I always ate and drank what I pleased, weight wasn’t an issue for me.  In fact, I weighed less in college and as an adult than I weighed in high school.  

My friend Marilyn’s face and words, are still as clear as day, over 25 years ago. I was happily devouring an Extra large cut of Prime rib and mashed potatoes before our shift at the restaurant where we worked together.  “It will catch up with you, just wait!  Wait until you have a few kids….”   

And so, after many years of marriage and four children, I can totally see Marilyn smirking at me, knowingly.  Damn, she was right!!  Yes, there were several pounds and a few pants sizes, that hadn’t managed to go away.  My twins were then two years old so it was hard to call this “baby weight” for much longer.

I was still very active (chasing 4 children and teaching full time), strong and in “good shape” but it was a much larger shape than I wanted to be anymore.  One huge motivator for me was the thought of going up yet another pants size- no thanks!  Besides the fact that I didn’t want to need a bigger pants size, it’s also really expensive to buy new sizes all the time.  It was time for a change!

During a book store date, where my husband and I would browse and read countless books but try to only buy one each, I finally found something that worked for me.   Eight Minutes in the Morning, by Jorge Cruise, was at eye level and there were so many different versions, the books took up an entire shelf.

What I loved about the book is how practical, readable and motivating it was for me and, it worked!  It is not a diet, it is all about changing your daily habits and replacing them with new healthier lifelong habits.  I didn’t find it difficult to make changes and try all the suggestions in this book.  Jorge is very positive and motivating and he made me look at everything I did and how I was spending every day.  I chose the Extra Easy Weight Loss version and later bought two other versions for the different exercises.  I changed my habits a little at a time and immediately began losing weight.

In just the first two weeks, I was able to lose 5 pounds.  This inspired me and kept me motivated to keep exercising and eating healthier foods.

It wasn’t just exercise, or eating differently, more than anything it was changing my metabolism that made the difference for me.  In just the first two weeks, I was able to lose 5 pounds and I could feel it.  In 9 weeks, I was able to lose just over 18 lbs, and 2 pants sizes and best of all keep it off!    After my initial weight loss, over the next 3 months I lost an additional 4 pounds.  The most wonderful thing about this healthier living and weight loss was how much younger and energetic I felt.  Being able to lose weight and keep it off has empowered me to take on other challenges that I may not have thought were possible for me.

Below is my own quick reference and key points list that I made for my friends at work.

We all bought different versions of the books, with different exercises and passed them around our group.  We were all able to lose some weight by eating healthier foods, exercising and changing our metabolism.  This is Not a new book by any means but its also not a fad diet.  As we get older our metabolism changes, and slows,  so don’t let it!  I hope this list is as helpful to you as it was to my friends an me for losing weigh, eating better and feeling great!

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 8 Minutes in the Morning – key points

Metabolism – change it, speed it up, you will feel the difference.  To read more about Boosting your Metabolism, read this post.healthy food choices

Eating habits – change them slowly, smartly and don’t go back.  You will not only feel better; you will look better and even your skin will be better!  Three meals and three snacks a day using healthier choices.

Exercise – everyday if possible, 8 minutes or more, lots of exercises are included in each book.   Adding walking in addition to your exercises is always good.  Music is VERY important to me; I never exercise without my iPod.  See my two related articles above for more ideas about walking and exercising.  My Fitbit help keep me motivated and push myself to be more active.

Sleep in your sweats – exercise first thing in the morning, before you get too busy for the day.   This will energize you physically and emotionally for the day and increase your calorie burn all day.

Snacks – get good, healthy snacks and take them with you in your lunch bag.  Also leave emergency snacks in your car, so you won’t make a stop at a fast food or convenience store for junk food.

Water – drink it whenever you can, it’s good for your whole body and makes your skin better too.  Water when you first wake up helps rehydrate your body after sleeping.  If you are hungry between meals, drink some water, and often your hunger passes.

28 days – do your 4 weeks of exercise and eating right and then have a follow-up plan ready to go.  Take the next book from the library and check the next set of exercises – there are several books: thin thighs and lean hips, flat belly and others.

Dinner plate – follow the plate guideline, if you take the time to make veggies, you will eat them!  Add more fiber and whole foods into your diet.  Your spouse will automatically benefit from you making more vegetables and healthier foods.

Tape Measure – measure yourself now so you can compare results, it is very motivating!  Measure belly, waist, thighs, arms, hips.  Just don’t measure again too soon – make sure you lost weight, then check the results.

Clothing – take a pair of pants that you can barely zip up and put them in a safe place.  When you know you lost weight, try them!Tracking your steps for fitness

More details about all the key points above are in the Jorge Cruise books which include exercises, menus, progress charts and success stories that are highly inspiring.  Some versions were available at the library and used copies can certainly be found online. 

I encourage you to try the exercises and healthier eating habits for 28 days.  Losing weight, feeling younger and stronger and having more energy will change your everyday life.

The weight that I lost was 10 years ago and I kept it all off for eight years.  Slowly over the last two years I have gained about six pounds back.  This is why I took out my book to see which areas I have been skimping on – I’ve been hitting the sweets a bit, and forgetting 3 meals and 3 snacks. 

I am writing this post and challenging myself to lose those six extra pounds.  Let’s work on that goal together!  Update:  I did it, I lost the 6 pounds!    Click Here for another post to help you get motivated and organized for losing some weight.  Leave a comment to tell us what smart changes are working for you!

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  1. Good for you, it’s amazing, I’ve been dieting since I was 20, that’s 49 years ago, I go up and down. Finally, last fall I stopped dieting. I’ve dropped about 20 lbs since then and don’t feel deprived. Eating healthy, mostly veggies and no sugar or flour is the biggest change. My husband lost weight also, and lowered his pre diabetes numbers to normal. Good for you.

    1. Sounds great, good for you and your husband too. I do find it interesting that as we get older, it is so much easier to eat a healthier diet. I never liked most vegetables for 25 years, now I prefer them over anything else! I just made mashed cauliflower that was just like potatoes – delicious. Keep up the good work! Gloria

  2. Wow, this does sound good and not too difficult to try. I would love to lose a few pounds and having extra energy sounds great. I like the idea of keeping snacks in the car, I am totally guilty of stopping for a snack and drink on the way home. Thanks for the good tips!

    1. The snack choices seem like no big deal but it made a big difference when I started planning better. Not only do I leave some snacks in the car, I also keep them at work. Instead of buying cookies or greasy chips from the vending machine, I eat almonds, dried apricots, fruit or other healthy snacks.

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