Improve your Workouts with Aaptiv!

Best Fitness App!

I recently started using Aaptiv fitness app as an “exercise partner” and I am amazed at how much more effective my workouts have become! 

The app is on my phone and is full of workouts for strength training, walking, cycling, marathon training, ab workouts, treadmill, yoga and more. 

This app has over 20 fitness choices available.  There is also a list of 8 programs and challenges to help you lose weight, get stronger, run further, tune up and more.

Aaptiv even offers a new Maternity Category with workouts for each trimester.  Oh, how I wish I had this app a decade ago!  The good news is, I have it now and I can’t believe how easy it has been to add more cardio, strength training, endurance and efficiency to my exercise routines. 

7 Ways Aaptiv will Improve your Fitness Routine

Aaptiv has a huge variety of workouts. 

There are so many different trainers, workouts and fitness levels you won’t get bored with this training.  Every time I open the app, I find something new to try.  There is truly something for everyone in the Aaptiv program.  There are more than 20 trainers, 3 difficulty levels and over 20 categories to choose from.

I needed some new motivating exercise music!

My own iPod music is great, but quite honestly, it was getting a little boring for my workouts.  I was pleasantly surprised to find so many different artists and genres used for the workouts.  This isn’t music that I was finding on my own and not what I would usually purchase on iTunes.  Having my Aaptiv trainers design my workouts and choose excellent tunes to go along, is fabulous!

 Use Aaptiv for Fabulous Fitness!

Having a personal trainer in my ear for major motivation, keeps me focused. 

Workouts with Aaptiv are like exercising with a friend but you don’t have to keep up your end of the conversation.  These trainers are smart and effective and know exactly how to motivate you to work a little or even a lot harder when you want to.  The Aaptiv Trainers have intelligent coaching tips to share.  I love that I can follow the trainers on Instagram and ask them questions if needed!  Even on days when it’s hard to get going, if I can get my sneakers on, Aaptiv trainers can get me moving!

I have been adding warm ups and stretching cool downs to extend my workouts.

Stretching and cool downs are something I was ignoring in my own fitness routines.  It’s so easy to add cool downs and stretches when using Aaptiv.  Starting my exercise with a warm up gets me ready for walking, running or the strength training I planned on doing.  Even the meditation choices were a pleasant surprise to find in this app.  Years ago, I had been making time to meditate, now Aaptiv helped me get back on track.

Simple but smart suggestions and reminders, help you get a better workout. 

Using this app is like having a personal trainer coaching you all the way.  This is where I really improved my own skills, form and habits.  My trainers remind me to to breathe correctly, avoid injury and to maintain good posture.  Trainers also encourage me to keep up my pace and stay focused.

I don’t need a gym membership to benefit from Aaptiv. 

I don’t belong to a gym and no longer take any classes.  I was doing a decent workout before using this app, but in just a few months my strength, endurance and stamina have all increased.  I am definitely not a serious runner, so I was not sure if this app would be right for me. I was pleasantly surprised that there are so many workouts for all different levels of fitness and activity.  The strength training, 7 minute quick hits, ab workouts and stretching can all be done right in my den.

I can customize my own workouts. 

If I have a longer time to exercise, I don’t necessarily choose one long workout.  I prefer to combine several Aaptiv workouts to design my own routine.  I may choose a 7-minute quick hit as my warm up followed by an outdoor running routine.   Afterwards, I finish off with a stretch and cool down.  After completing a workout, Aaptiv will suggest a stretch for you and I have been trying them more often.  This extends my workout without exhausting me.  I want to feel energized after a workout, not wiped out.


Try Aaptiv here for 30 days! 

My personal goal is staying fit over 50. 

Using Aaptiv is making me stronger and my workouts are more effective. 

Aaptiv helps me push myself harder and workout a little longer.  All the trainers have great tips and I learn new exercises.   I’m also able to avoid common workout mistakes. 

I was doing an okay job keeping fit before I tried Aaptiv.  Now, I work harder, I’m doing smarter workouts, I remember to use good form and I am exercising more often. 

Go ahead and check out the app, get fitter with Aaptiv!

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