Do this to make your pants fit better!!

Do this to make your pants fit Better!Are your pants a little too tight? 

Want them to fit better? 

Do this exercise and see a difference in just a few weeks. 

Keep up the exercise, and make it last! 

You will feel the difference!

To make your pants fit better: You simply need to squat, a lot! (I do mean a lot) 

Squats are an easier exercise than you may think.  You won’t need any equipment, special clothing and you can do them anywhere.  Squats are not overly taxing and don’t need to take a long time.

You can design your own program or follow one of countless squat challenges or workouts you can find on the web or Pinterest.  There are infographics and Pins with squat challenges so you can see which types to try and how many repetitions.

Yes, adding squats to your daily routine, can make your pants fit better!!  It worked for me three different times!  I do watch what I eat but, not too closely.  I also do other exercises during my 10 to 20 minute workout almost every day.  In general, I have a fairly active and healthy lifestyle.

These squats, more than any other exercise, make the biggest difference in how my pants fit.  I have been exercising for years and notice that adding this simple exercise will tighten and tone exactly the right area!!

Pick an Easy Routine that fits Your Schedule

If you are already exercising regularly, start adding squats to your daily routine.  The number of squats to add is up to you based on how much you want to push yourself.

I currently do 120 to 220 squats per day.  If I find myself with extra time and energy, I may add more squats in the afternoon or evening.  With four children in school and my full time teaching job, “extra time and energy” doesn’t happen all too often!

5 Step Squat Plan

If you are just starting to exercise, be sure to start out slowly.   You may want to start with only 15-25 squats if you have not been active.  Start slowly, see how you feel, increase the reps each day according to what you can handle.  The squat challenges you find on the web will give you an idea of how many reps you should be doing.

Your body will tell you how many reps to do.  If you do a set and feel nothing, do another set.  When you are beginning to feel the burn and it gets difficult to finish the set, you know you are really exercising.  When I feel the burn, I push for a few more reps.  Then I try to add one more set after resting.

A Typical Routine for Me

One of my typical morning routines looks like this and takes 12-15 minutes.

Squats:  4-5 sets of 30

Planks:  1-3 minutes of planks 30 to 60 seconds at a time.

Pushups:  2 sets of 20

Dips:  2-3 sets of 15 – 20

If I have time, I add some kettle bell exercises and or walking later in the day.  This routine takes about 12-15 minutes.  I add more reps and exercise for about 20 minutes when I have more time available.  On the weekends, it is easier to add walking at some point during the day.

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My favorite squats

Aside from the basic squat and holding a squat until my thighs burn, I add some others to avoid boredom.  My other favorites include: plié squats, curtsy squats, figure four squats and my own “phone squat” described below.

Need help figuring out which squat is which?  Here is a great reference with 40 squats from Greatist that will describe each squat and show photos when needed.  I forgot I owned a Bosu board and took mine out for some more squats, amazing core workout!

5 Step Squat Plan

  • Find a few good squat workouts to try (Ideas here)
  • Put aside a pair of pants that were feeling too tight to wear.
  • Schedule some time each day for exercise or add squats to your existing routine
  • Commit to your squat routine 4-6 days each week, adding more reps when it gets too easy.
  • After three weeks, check the pants and see how they are fitting!

Keep up with the exercising, its good for you!!

The Evidence

On three separate occasions over the years, I have committed to adding daily squats back into my routine (at least 5 of 7 days).  And once again, I noticed within a few weeks, my pants fit better!  My pants are not just looser and more comfortable, more of my pants now fit me!  It’s a great feeling to put on pants that were too tight to wear and have them fit perfectly again.

I think it is fairly common that if your pants are too tight, you are uncomfortable and possibly more irritable all day.  If your pants are loose and comfortable it is good for your attitude and you will have a better day!

The people you live with, who see you every day, often won’t notice a slight weight loss or toning up.  You may feel a difference, but others may not.  When other people like co-workers do start to notice, it’s a big ego boost.   When they ask if you are losing weight or working out more, then you know it’s for real!!  This can be very gratifying and can help keep you motivated.

I always notice that the more I exercise, the more energy I have.  I also feel younger when I have more energy.  Much of my own personal motivation comes from knowing that I am over 50 and still exercise almost everyday.  Having energy and living a healthy lifestyle keeps me positive and focused each day.

Since I only have 15-20 minutes to devote to my morning workout, I need to make the most of it.    Multitasking is not overly conducive for exercising but if I can get two things done at once- why not?  Very often, I read email or scroll through the news while Im standing in my kitchen doing extra sets of squats.  The squats, so these “phone squats” are now part of my routine.

Leave a comment to let other readers know what works best for you!!

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  1. I have been consistently lifting weight for at least 4 or 5 months at this point, and I have seen a marked difference and I am officially ADDICTED to the look so I will NEVER EVER stop! 😉

  2. Great idea and doesn’t sound overly challenging! I work as a nurse and much of the day is hectic but during the down time squats will be easy enough to do in an empty exam room and in my scrubs! Thanks for the motivation!

  3. I really enjoyed reading ! Yes , yes , and yes , you are so right . Being over 50 …that sounds as if we were ill or on the way down … LOL . It depends on ourselves what we make of our lives. It is not only the weight loss problems , getting at least 15-20 minutes of work out daily does so much more than just flipping off some rolls here and there. I am in the “lucky situation” to have a dog who claims his walkies 3 times a day and I can honestly tell the benefits for myself , even that I am quite often not in the mood to get up and dressed for the run. We should not be too strict on all these weight and size ideals we are told by the media or others. A woman should have some little sexy curves !
    klaudia recently posted…Did You Know Facts and Figures – Interesting Things That Will Make You SmarterMy Profile

    1. Thanks for the kind words and who cares if we are over 50! It’s all in your head. You feel old only if you choose to feel that way.
      It’s funny when people find out my “real” age and that I am just a few years away from retirement. They are quite surprised.
      It’s my attitude and a good moisturizer that helps keep me looking young.
      How nice that your dog is your exercise companion!

  4. I read your article last week and starting last Saturday I’ve been doing a total of 100 squats each day – 25 at a time. My goal is to increase the # by 50 each week and then to keep going from there. Can’t wait for results!

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