Money Milestones: Setting Budgeting Goals you can Actually Reach

Set Budget Goals you can Reach

Meeting financial milestones can motivate you to save more, spend less and pay off debt faster!!  

By setting goals and re-evaluating payments and your budget frequently, you can stay on top of your debt.  

The more financial goals you set and meet, the better you become at managing your finances.

Positive Financial Goal Setting

Paying bills, budgeting and managing finances can be stressful and overwhelming.

Make managing your money less stressful by taking control of your finances by setting goals.

It is possible to create a more positive financial outlook by tracking and celebrating certain milestones.

Read more for easy ideas to kick start your savings and get a handle on your debts.

Set Some Money Milestone Goals

Celebrate debt payoff accomplishments and motivate yourself to meet more goals.  

Here are some money scenarios that may apply to you and your current financial situation:

  • Last car payment in March, only 4 payments left!!

  • Bathroom Remodel payoff, 3 months until paid!

  • Daycare Payments, just 6 months to go!

  • Favorite Store credit card, just 2 payments to $0!

  • Last College Tuition payment, just 5 months away!

  • Visa account under $1000, just 1 month to go!

  • Final orthodontist payment, 3 payments left.

  • Total Credit Card Debt under $10,000, $5000, $1000 – whatever number fits your financial situation.

  • New furniture paid off, just one month to go!

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Pay Debt Faster and Save more with Money Goals

Set New Savings Goals to Boost your Accounts

Give your savings a boost by challenging yourself to meet some new investment goals. 

Watching your savings go up is worth eating home more often instead of dining out.

  • Savings account over $5000, just 2 months to go

  • Vacation account goal reached in 3 more months

  • $200 monthly to savings – or whatever amount fits your budget.

  • Holiday savings account goal, only two months away

  • Retirement Savings Accounts on target

For more ideas to save money each week and month,  Read This Post!

Extra Income Goals

Putting in some extra effort to increase your income puts more money in your pocket. 

It’s also a great way to save up more money faster or pay off debt quickly.

  • Work some extra hours and add $20 a week.

  • Start earning $25/week more by selling your stuff online

  • Add $75/month income by working extra hours

  • Get a second job one day or night a week to add $160-$200 of additional income each month

  • Take a part-time Holiday season job a few days a week to add $50- $200 a week.

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Challenge yourself to a No Spend Day, Weekend or Week!

Make spending less and saving more a new habit by taking some no spend challenges!

  • Make your own coffee, lunch and dinner at home

  • Don’t stop at any stores on the way home from work

  • Take a week, two weeks or a month off from all online purchases

  • Leave your credit cards home for a week or two

  • Use up all the food in your fridge and pantry before you go buy more

  • Take a walk or go hiking rather than going shopping

Go ahead, get money motivated and set some goals you can reach!

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  1. Love your financial goals & bullets on how to accomplish them, Gloria. I think most people just go all willy nilly with their financial situations which also lead to stress and lack of progress. I am actually setting up my excel sheet this week with my Money & Savings goals so that I can track them. I also like using online accounts like Ally to set up separate savings accounts so that the goals can be easily tracked and the money doesnt get blended together.
    So what exactly is your Vacation account goal?
    Eric Gamble recently posted…A Simple Guide For The Common Travel EnthusiastMy Profile

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