How to do a Lite HIIT Workout

HIIT Walking Workout - try it and Feel the Difference!High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT totally kicks your workout up a notch or two! 

Adding short bursts of High Intensity to any workout can burn more calories, add more cardio and improves your after burn for the rest of the day.

High Intensity can simply help spice up a monotonous exercise or walking routine.  

Isn’t that often the point of trying a new exercise?  If your workout routine is boring, change it up to keep yourself motivated.

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How to Hire a Virtual Assistant You Can Trust

How to hire a Virtual AssistantMaybe you have been blogging for 6 months, or a year and your blog is starting to take off.  You are gaining page views, subscribers and social media followers. 

The more you learn about blogging, the more blog tasks you have to do.  Do you focus more on writing posts or promoting them?  Do you spend time being active in FB Groups or working on your next freebie? 

How do you split up your time?  

How does one person do it all?

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Wipe Out Debt

Pay off Holiday Debt!Did you overspend during the holidays this year?  You are not alone. 

Recent statistics from a National Survey report that 56% of consumers said they spend too much during the holidays. 

Over 30% of consumers say they have gone into debt as a result of unplanned holiday purchases.  Up to 43% of consumers surveyed say that their holidays are difficult to enjoy due to extra expenses and that holiday finances cause extra stress in their lives. 

Here is a plan to wipe out that debt.

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Children and Chores – Homey App can Help!

Motivate Kids with Homey AppGetting your children to do chores consistently usually requires patience, persistence and often creativity as parents.  I go back to the drawing board, time and again thinking of ways to inspire my kids to help out more often and do their jobs.  

Keep reading for some tech help and motivation for getting your kids to do their chores!

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Tips to Avoid Holiday Stress!

Tips to Avoid Holiday StressSitting in holiday traffic…

Waiting on long lines…

Getting stuck in mall gridlock…

These can all increase your stress level each holiday season, or Anytime of the Year, for that matter. 

Combine these problems with a huge list of holiday tasks to accomplish, it’s no wonder you are feeling Less than Merry!   Try these tips to help stay far ahead of holiday stress.

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Debt Avalanche REALLY works to Pay Off Debt

Get out of Debt using Debt Avalance

Do you have too many bills to pay? 

Are you trying to pay down your debt? 

By organizing your bills and debts and using a systematic method to pay them off, you can pay them faster.  A payment system known as Debt Avalanche is my favorite. 

It is simple and it works, so this is now the only method I will use.  Try this easy Four Step method to get out of debt.

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