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Phone Tricks Part 2Our brains are designed with a certain amount of memory, so it isn’t necessary to overburden them.  Our short term memories only last for about 20 to 30 seconds so let your phone apps help improve your memory.  I have always been a big list writer but often lost the little scraps of paper, I wrote them on.  I now have over 100 lists all in one place, my Notes App and I don’t worry about losing them anymore.  My lists are better now and go way beyond a grocery list or errands to do on the way home from work.  Below are 17 ways to use the Notes App to remember more and be more organized.

Books to Read  Someone will tell me a good book to read but I’ll forget as soon as I walk away.  I add it to my list, and its there forever!  I also keep a list of favorite authors here so I can keep an eye out for new titles.

Medical Information  If you want to keep track of cholesterol, A1C numbers, weight loss or any ongoing medical data, Notes is a great place to store your information so that you always have it with you.  You can see progress towards your goal or seasonal trends as time passes.

Packing Lists for Trips  Besides all the obvious items needed for a trip, I also add the things I often forget.  When you leave for the airport before sunrise it is not surprising that you forget your sunglasses- as soon as you arrive, you need to buy a new pair!  Rather than spending money on items you already own, keep a list of frequently forgotten items like phone chargers, flip flops, car chargers, dental floss, toothpaste, running shoes or an extra pair of contact lenses.

Doctors appointments to be made and the approximate months they are due.  Its difficult to remember which appointment is due what month or even year.  Since I also make my children’s appointments, I need this list even more!  While I do put some reminders on my calendar, this list has everything in one place.

Recipe Ingredients  I keep a list of ingredients for my eight favorite recipes right on my phone so I can get the items on my way home. I usually remember the main ingredients but often forget a detail or two, this saves me another trip to the store.

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Vacation Ideas to Research  I keep a two lists of summer and winter ideas, including big trips, weekend getaways and day trips.  When I read a good article or a friend mentions a great hotel or beach spot, I add it to my list.  When I sit down to do vacation research and planning I have a great list to start me off.

Clothing Sizes  I do know my own children’s clothing sizes but if Grandma or my sister asks for an upcoming birthday, I can just copy and paste the list into a text.  This saves me both typing and thinking time, I can answer in a flash.  Don’t forget to update this as the kids grow and change sizes.

Holiday Gift Lists  I keep a list of which gifts I gave to my children’s teachers, Grandma, cousins and friends each year, to avoid embarrassing repeats.    I prefer to give a different gift card for each occasion so this list helps me keep track.  This helps to know what to give or not give the following year.  This list was on my PC for many years and then moved to my phone.  I also add ideas for future gifts.Use your phone as your memory

Directions  Most people seem to get around more easily with the help of a GPS but some will still ask for directions to the house.  Rather than re-typing the directions each time someone asks, I can easily copy and paste it into a text or email.

Gift Card List:  This is one of my newest additions to my notes app, and it has proven instantly useful!  I now write down which gift cards I have buried in my wallet and the amount.  Then rather than digging through my wallet to see if I have a card for that store or restaurant, I check my list.  I have enough cards to need a list because as a teacher, I often receive cards as gifts and my children receive them for the holidays.  Some stores will put a refund on a gift card for you.  I often buy some extra cards during the holidays just in case I need a last minute gift.  If I don’t use the card to give to someone else, I use it myself!

Home Improvements & Handyman Jobs  There are always a few jobs around the house that need fixing or repair.  Whether you do it yourself or hire someone else, it’s nice to get several jobs tackled at once.  I keep a running list of priority jobs, minor fix-it jobs for my husband and possible home improvements if we find that we have extra time and money.

Important Texts:  When I have a longer text that will take a few moments to compose, I often write it in a note first.  This way I can re-read it for any typos or unauthorized Siri substitutions.  This is also helpful if it is too late or too early to text the person.  I can send the text at a later time when it is more convenient.

Other ideas for notes include:  

My favorite workouts list– It helps me remember exercise I read about but forget I know.  This is good for breaking up your exercise monotony.

Garage sale items   A list of things you can sell at your next yard sale or on Craigslist

Gardening Lists  New flowers to buy, divide and trade with neighbors or the dates that you put down fertilizer.

Sports Stats for your children’s teams if you like to track that sort of info

Kids Chore List  My kids are not happy that I always remember the chores I give them. The truth is I don’t always remember so I keep the list in my phone.  Every once in a while I switch the chores around and add new ones.

These are my more common notes uses.  How do you maximize your notes to keep yourself organized?  Please share your ideas in the comments.

This post is the second in a series that will help you to make your phone work harder for you.  Check back to find more posts that teach you to maximize your phone apps to best suit your needs.   Join the newsletter list so you wont miss the series.   Still to come:  Reminders, Maps and more.  This series will focus on maximizing the free apps that come with your phone.  It is not always necessary to pay for an app that does something you already have on your phone.

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  1. Great list of things you can use the Notes App to keep track of. I use Keep, a Google notes app, to jot down important information that I don’t want to use. You can create check-off lists and add reminders to notes. It’s super helpful!

    1. Glad you found this info helpful. I can’t imagine trying to remember everything anymore. My mind is freed up for other more important things since I can type all my notes in my phone.

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