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Reminder App - be more organized!Would you like to be more organized and remember more?  Your smart phone can help you to be more productive and save you time.  If you  maximize the features of the built in apps on your phone, you will become more efficient and have more time for other interests.  

REMINDERS:  This is a Mini notes app to me. I keep shorter versions of my To Do lists in this app.  One difference between Notes and Reminders is that your reminders are all in one spot with quicker access.  A great feature of this app is the alert you can set up for a day, time or location.  If you need to set a quick alarm but want to know why your alarm is buzzing and what you are supposed to be remembering, this app is perfect for you.  I consider my Reminders App to have my short term lists that will be deleted in the near future and my Notes App is the storage for my long term and forever lists.

Below are my most common Short Lists that I keep in my Reminder App:

Grocery list. A few staple items we always need and then whatever we just ran out of, yet again.

Household Chores:  little things that need to be done by the adults in the house.

Children’s Chores:  all of my kids have jobs and those jobs have changed as they get older.  Its sometimes difficult for me to remember who has which job, so I keep a list.  My children often try to claim that a certain job isn’t theirs any longer. I keep my list handy to refresh their memories.  I can copy, paste it in a text to them when they need some help remembering.

Errands to run on the way home from work or for the weekends.  This is one of my most valuable uses of the Reminders App.  I jump in the car, eager to get home and forget the three quick stops I was supposed to make.  If I am miles past those stores, I certainly don’t feel like turning around to go back.  Most days now, before I pull out of the parking lot from work, I check my Reminders to see if I have errands, phone calls or sports pickups to do before I go home.

Phone Calls that need to be made for the week are stored in this app.  Very often my phone calls are made as soon as I leave work and get into my car.  This way no one can interrupt or distract me.

Internet info I keep a quick list of new websites I want to explore or sales to check out.

Bills to Pay, if you don’t have them set up on automatic bill pay in your online banking.

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Work To Do list:  I often remember something important for work when I am at home or driving.  Making a quick To Do list for work clears my head so I can focus on my home and family when I am with them.  Once I know I made the reminder, i can forget about it until I am back at work.

I have been getting some very nice compliments in the last few years about how organized I am, it is really my phone that has the great memory.  If you take the time to add more dates, contacts and reminders to your phone, you can carry a wealth of knowledge with you.

These are my more common Reminders uses. How do you maximize your Reminder app to keep yourself organized?  Please share your ideas.

This post is the third in a series that will help you to make your phone work harder for you.  Check back to find more posts that teach you to maximize your phone apps to best suit your needs.   Join the newsletter list so you wont miss the series.   Still to come: Mastering maps and more.  This series will focus on maximizing the free apps that come with your phone.  It is not always necessary to pay for an app that does something you already have on your phone.

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