4 Reasons you Need an Emergency Fund and 3 Kinds to Have

3 Types of Emergency Funds and Why you need them!Do you have an Emergency Fund yet? 

If your answer is No or Not Really, you are in the same position as almost half of Americans. 

No one plans to need an Emergency Fund, but it’s important to have one.  If you plan ahead, you can avoid serious financial problems by having some money set aside for the unexpected events in life.   

Read more to learn about 3 types of funds and why you need them.


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10 Steps to Smarter Banking

How to Bank Smarter and save Time!Would you like to save time and be more productive simply by Banking Smarter?

Having instant access to people and information is a standard part of today’s cyber lifestyle.  

So, why not have instant access to your money and banking as well?   

The more I take advantage of online banking features (often via Smartphone, or tablet) the more time and trouble I save.    I Simply Get More accomplished each day!

Read more to find out how to make Online Banking work for you!

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