Be a List Maker – Organize Your Brain!

Stay more organized with Super Lists

Making lists and writing things down is one of the first steps to being highly organized. 

Planning ahead and being methodical, can help you to be more productive.  Being able to check items off your list, gives you that positive feeling of accomplishment. 

Constantly having too much to do, has motivated me to upgrade my list making strategy. 

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Children and Chores – Homey App can Help!

Motivate Kids with Homey AppGetting your children to do chores consistently usually requires patience, persistence and often creativity as parents.  I go back to the drawing board, time and again thinking of ways to inspire my kids to help out more often and do their jobs.  

Keep reading for some tech help and motivation for getting your kids to do their chores!

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Managing your family with photos

clock1It is important to have good communication skills with everyone, particularly, your family.  Photos help to show a story and not just tell it – smartphone heaven!    I don’t need to yell at my children constantly, although they may say that I do. Yelling to them from another room just to communicate is annoying and time consuming when they are scattered about. Now that my four children are all old enough to “need” phones, I can text them instead.

When dinner is ready, it is not necessary for me to yell upstairs to two of them, into the basement for another one and hunt for the fourth one for several minutes before I realize he is asleep on the couch in the den. Even my husband could be out in the yard or in the shed, not really in easy earshot. Dinner could be cold by the time I find them all.  Even if I yell, they don’t hear me because they have headphones in!

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12 Awesome Dustbuster Uses

Great Dustbuster Tricks!I am a huge believer in maximizing the use of any tool.  Never underestimate your DustBuster and the countless uses it can have.  Not only do I use it in the kitchen after sweeping up, the fact that it is light and easily portable lends to the versatility.

NEVER throw out your old Dustbuster, if you upgrade, just move the old one to another location in your house.  We now have a Dustbuster on each floor of the house making quick cleanups easier because I don’t have to run to another floor just to retrieve it.  I even have one of my oldest machines in my classroom for emergencies.  As long as you remember to empty it and give the filter a good cleaning, it last years.  I use an old toothbrush on the filter for a more thorough cleaning.

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