fine motor skills

Please Let Your Child Use Scissors!

Kids need to use scissors!As well prepared as students are when they arrive in kindergarten, some children are lacking in certain areas of experience.  This is not to say, they are unprepared for school. 

Instead, some students did not have exposure to specific experiences.  Sometimes this is noticeable with delayed social skills, listening to a story, eating on their own, turn taking in a game or even using the playground. 

One of the ways we see this lack of experience in kindergarten is when children don’t know how to correctly hold and use a scissor.  This is also one of the easiest skills to fix quickly!

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Ready for Kindergarten?  Fine Motor skills your child will need

Is your Child ready for school?What are fine motor skills and why are they so important as your child begins their school career?  How does your child measure up?

The ability to color, draw and eventually write is one of the most important skills your child will focus on in kindergarten.  And yet, many children enter their formal schooling far behind their peers in this area.  Motor skills are often over-looked by parents because the major focus is on learning letters and reading.  Read more to find out how to help your child be well prepared to begin their school career.

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