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Yard Sale Negotiating – How to price items and make a profit

How to price and negotiate at your yard saleDo you have too much old stuff taking up space in your garage or basement?  Is it time to plan a Yard Sale?  

The benefits of a yard sale are many, starting with cleaning up and de-cluttering your house.  In addition to gaining new empty space, which makes your house feel bigger, you find things you didn’t remember owning, and you throw out junk!  Then of course, you make some extra cash for all your hard work.   Read more to help you hone your selling tactics so that you can make a better profit on your sale. 

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Teaching Kids about Money

Money lessons for children can never start too soon.Do your children spend and save their money wisely?  Do they really understand the value of money? 

You can start early with your young children teaching them good money habits like smart shopping and price comparisons.  As they get older, teach them about money management, budgeting and different types of savings accounts.  Show them why they would want to save up some of their money rather than spending it all quickly. 

Finally, teach your children about investing rather than just saving and the value of compounding and long term investments.  This is a two part series, be sure to sign up for the Newsletter for future money lessons for your teenagers and young adults.

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Hidden Budget Expenses – 6 places to find them

6 places to look for Hidden Budget ExpensesWhere does your money vanish to each month?  You just got paid, but where does it go so quickly?  

Budgeting isn’t always fun, ok, maybe its never really enjoyable.

The advantage of good budgeting, is not running of money, not overspending and therefore having a little less stress (totally worth it)!   If you are very good with your budgeting, you can even work towards staying debt free and hopefully save for the things you might want like a tropical vacation destination or an early retirement.  Fabulous idea, but why is it often so hard to do?  A good first step, is to find out where your mystery money goes; below is a list of 6 places to find some of those outlays.

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In what way is this Conversation Generating Revenue?  

If you are going to invest your time and talents in an activity, why not be paid for it?

After just a few weeks at her new job my mother was chatting to her boss about an article she read in the Times.  After only a few minutes, he cut her off saying:

 “Judith, in what way is this conversation generating revenue?” 

Poor Mom was shocked and rather offended at his ill-mannered question! 

But at the same time, she was intrigued by how focused and disciplined his mind was and how much mental self control he possessed. 

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10 Steps to Smarter Banking

How to Bank Smarter and save Time!Would you like to save time and be more productive simply by Banking Smarter?

Having instant access to people and information is a standard part of today’s cyber lifestyle.  

So, why not have instant access to your money and banking as well?   

The more I take advantage of online banking features (often via Smartphone, or tablet) the more time and trouble I save.    I Simply Get More accomplished each day!

Read more to find out how to make Online Banking work for you!

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