Tea Cart Makeover- One Day DIY Project

Teacart for a Party!This lovely and functional accent piece was a simple one day makeover.  

I found the cart in my new backyard left behind by the previous owners.  It was abandoned in a corner along with some other wrought iron furniture. 

Since it had no shelves, and a broken wheel it wasn’t very practical without a lot of work. 

Read more for how it was easily brought back to life with just $30 and a few hours worth of work.

Teacart Drink Station for Entertaining

Buying custom cut glass shelves, had been my original “deal breaker” to fix this cart.  Glass is heavy, fragile and expensive.  I didn’t want to spend a lot of money just to make the cart look nice.  Worrying about the glass shelves breaking near our pool was another problem.

My husband brought it into his workshop and replaced the missing wheel.  He then very practically used some extra 2×4 wood pieces for shelves and made use of the cart for many years.  I still loved the style of the cart and wanted to make it a pretty and useful teacart again!  Seeing the cart with the wooden shelves being functional, (although quite unattractive) inspired me to problem solve some more. 

Outdoor Entertaining Idea

Plexiglass shelves had been a consideration, but the custom cut pieces can still get quite expensive.  After seeing some plexiglass sheets at our local home supply store, it prompted me to do a little research.  By watching several videos about cutting your own plexiglass, I learned that it wasn’t that difficult.  So I decided to give it a try. 

Now I know exactly how easy it is to purchase, score and cut (or snap) your own plexiglass!  A good t-square, masking tape and a sharp cutting razor was all I needed.

Easy DIY Paint Project

Cost of Project:

Paint: 2 cans at $5.98  Total 11.96

Plexiglass sheets:  2 at $9.98  Total $19.96

Other tools needed: wire brush, drop cloths, t-square, masking tape, razors for scoring the plexiglass.

Tea Party on a Teacart

Very often, a DIY project does not go quite the way you planned.  And so it was, with my tea cart painting.  The first spray paint color I chose was much too light, and I knew it right away.  I still painted a good part of the cart before I decided that it was not the color I would stick with.  Rather than starting over, I finished the whole can of paint and used it as my primer coat. 

It is amazing how many different angles there are on the rounded bars of a project like this.  I really needed the whole can to cover every side of the cart and the wheels.  Luckily, this primer coat made applying the second coat much easier.   Painting the cart with my real color choice was much faster, and it only used half a can of the paint.  This gave me leftover paint for touch-ups.

Backyard DIY Project

This cart is now a pretty focus piece in our yard all year long.  During parties I use it as an additional side table or a drink stand. 

It also doubles as a convenient BBQ side table to hold the food we are cooking.  I have even used it as a pretty towel cart for pool parties!

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  1. Great idea! The previous owner of the house we recently bought left behind several “interesting” items. I had thought of them as junk. Now after reading your article I consider them treasures that with a little imagination and elbow grease can be useful additions to our home! Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Any time we have moved, there are always a few things left behind from the previous owners. Some pieces are just plain practical. Other items have needed quite a bit of work to make them nice again. Then I got years of use from them so it was worth the effort.

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