Virtual Assistant in your Pocket!

Your phone can become your assistant! Use features you didn't know you had.Have you maxed out all the built in features on your phone?  Do you use just a few apps but never really got around to using some others?  This list can help!  Let your phone become your personal assistant.

Besides just a phone with texting & email, my phone is also my:

  • Calendar with appointments and reminders and is synched with my family. You know where you need to be and everyone else as well.
  • My daily and weekly TTD List (things to do) with Reminders, which is synched with my iPad. I edit and create my lists in the morning on my iPad and then refer to my reminders on my phone throughout the day.
  • Notepad with over 100 lists of very important information and lists of things I need to know and remember. It’s a great place to copy paste some info you found or to compose a long text before sending.  Some favorites lists are Holiday shopping, menus and gift giving lists (so I remember what I gave people last year), my favorite exercises for when I need inspiration, books I want to read and that have been recommended, items to sell on Craigslist, travel ideas and recommendations and the ongoing Handyman list for my husband.

  • Map & GPS – I am never lost or unsure about where I am going anymore. My map app will get me there using the quickest route and I can even use the satellite view to see where the parking lot is located.  Avoiding a major traffic problem is priceless, check the map before you even leave the house.
  • Address book with everything you need and more! I will never have to re-write my address book again!  I have names, companies, all contact phone numbers, emails, address, birthdays, spouse & kid’s names, notes, website links and social links.
  • Calculator when needed and scientific calculator when needed for my kids. Its so much easier to add the tip and split the bill five ways when you have your phone!
  • Internet connection – the world at your fingertips, store hours and locations, restaurant menus, news updates, there is nothing you can’t find out with a bit of research.
  • Music player with Bluetooth or headphones, plays in the car and the backyard with speakers. Having music everywhere you go is fabulous!  Turn your old phone into a dedicated music player.
  • Alarm clock, timer, stopwatch, world clock. Set multiple timers and repeat them for weekdays, weekends or a custom schedule.  Customize your alarm sounds.
  • Library at my fingertips, Kindle, iBook’s, Free Books and more. Never waste time sitting in a doctor’s office or standing on line.  Read a book instead!

  • Camera, photo album, videos – share with everyone immediately!
  • Siri – so many uses although she is not always hearing you correctly. I have googled lists for Siri commands to get more ideas for how she can be useful.
  • Weather forecast and radar map – so helpful to be able to check exactly how far away the rain is before you leave the house.
  • Face Time – fun to do with kids and new babies. It is also useful so that you can see exactly where your teenagers are and what they are doing.
  • Newsfeeds – never be uninformed or out of touch (unless you want to be).
  • QR Reader & Barcode scanners – always nice to get more info or save more money on the spot!
  • APPS: news, stock market, social, games, fitness apps, anything that you want. There always seems to be an app for that.
  • Texting – SO many reason but also good for store and restaurant coupons on the spot!
  • This is just the short list really, there is so much more!! How is your phone your assistant?

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I would never leave home without my iPhone, I’m sure there are many of you that feel the same.  I would leave the room for a while but I can’t be too far from my phone because I now depend on it to help me be more organized.

 What do you use your phone for?   Please share in a comment!

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