Want a Cleaner House? Plan a party!    

If you want your house to be cleaner, plan a party!Does your house get messy and neglected easily?  Do you have piles of junk growing in the corners?  Planning to have company at your house is a wonderful motivator, which literally forces you to clean and organize.  The opposite can certainly be true as well: if no one comes over, who will see the mess?

I come from a large family, and as a result we host birthday and holiday parties several times each year.  While there is work, cost and some level of stress involved in entertaining, there are several unexpected advantages to hosting parties.  We see family and friends, enjoy delicious food with good company and get to socialize.  But the added advantage is that my house gets cleaner (and stays cleaner) each time we entertain!  

My party planning, preparation and cleaning depth varies depending on the occasion and number of guests expected.  The bigger the party: the better for my home in the long run.  I do take advantage and get the whole family involved in the cleaning and preparation, even the birthday child!  Everyone comes to the party so everyone has to help clean!  I also get personally inspired to do “deep cleaning” such as reorganizing the entire end of our dining room, rearranging furniture or redecorating a room.  I often try new recipes and scour Pinterest for a fab new food, drink or decorating idea that I haven’t tried before.

When you realize the gloves and hats in the bottom of the “winter accessory basket” are for toddlers but your kids are now teens, maybe it’s time to clean up that spot!

If several months go by and we don’t have a birthday party or holiday, my house gets very messy around the edges with junk piling up in the corners.  I have a few acceptable corners that I allow that to happen in, but even those need to be cleaned up sometimes.  When you realize the gloves and hats in the bottom of the “winter accessory basket” are for toddlers but your kids are now teens, maybe it’s time to clean up that spot!  Each year, we host a winter birthday for three of my kids and so most of the main floor gets super cleaned.  If we host for Christmas Eve, the whole house gets a makeover because there are so many people that all the overflow rooms get used!

A lost corner of my dining room had become a dumping area for countless infrequently used items.  Since we were hosting Thanksgiving and were certainly planning on sitting at the table, cleaning the dining room corner was a must.  Tackling the area only took a few hours and it now looks lovely.  There were a few items on the bottom of the pile that may have been there for over a year, maybe even two when the pile was still small.  It was two months ago that I cleaned that mess, but I still smile when I walk by admiring the corner I forgot I had.  If I didn’t host for the holiday, it is very unlikely, I would have cleaned the corner any time soon!

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If I’m planning a summer barbecue, my garden gets a facelift and my yard furniture all gets scrubbed.   clean house, organize, entertaining, party    I may pick up a new table or umbrella to use at the buffet area.  Hosting a backyard celebration often inspires me to try some new grilling ideas and recipes.  My children still request the shrimp skewers I started making a few years ago.  My yard and garden continue to look great for the next few months, long after the guests have gone.  Give your house a little facelift by planning a party.  You will appreciate your cleaner house and new decorating for months afterwards.  Having lots of delicious leftovers is not so bad either.

So pull out your calendar and plan a party!  Your house will look better for weeks and months afterwards.  Don’t forget to have fun at the party too!

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